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    #1 on the hit list.

    Needs another year
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    Road kill monster

    My biggest buck to date, taken with a 2007 Dodge pickup back in 2017.
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    I did that a long time ago
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    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    Dad has kept a barn cat or two in his barn as long as I can remember and you hardly ever see a mouse there
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    Buck or Doe?

    Sprinkle a little crushed up viagra in the corn or mineral and it will straighten back out.
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    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    I also bought a tub of the pellet packs from TSC once and I think they enjoy it as an appetizer because I’ve never just seen a dead mouse anywhere.
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    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    We have three cats that were for my oldest boy. The only reason we were okay with having them was because of them catching mice. I only feed them a small amount once a day to keep them hunting. I’ve seen them catch mice, one brought a squirrel into the flower bed one time, and they’ll catch...
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Well if the irs investigates me they might give me some money once they see how broke I am lol
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    Olivia Newton John passes

    I loved Grease. And got made fun of at work for watching it. Lol "Oh Sandy, don’t make me laugh. Ha ha ha ha.” One of my favorite lines from that movie.
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    Annual Shamanic Baking Soda Rant

    Yeah i dont know why anyone gives you a hard time over it. Makes sense to me.
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    Uh oh…

    You have your opinion and I have mine. I believe there’s more good than bad. Nobody notices all the good they do, only the negative.
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    Anyone up for snake hunting?

    Yeah I’d hunt them but wouldn’t want to grab them up until I had killed them. Also wouldn’t want to walk around through a swamp in that heat either. Lol
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    I leave mine on ice in the cooler with the drain plug open and the cooler tilted up so it’ll drain for about 2-3 days. But I’d love to let one hang a while if I had the chance.
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    Uh oh…

    I had a buddy who wanted to go into business with me and open a brothel but said we would have to run it by hand until we could hire some women……
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    Uh oh…

    Not all are crooked. I’ve worked with some really good ones. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.

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