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    Cold weather socks

    When hunting in cold weather, both in a stand or in a blind, I've learned that a 1/2" thick piece of rubber under my boots works wonders. I cut up one of those pads they make for standing on concrete all day, and place it under my feet. It stops the cold metal from the stand, and the cold from...
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    Infected deer

    I can’t tell you what it was, but I do know that I shot a doe some 25 years ago, and found huge sores on her back when I came upon her. I mean open raw looking sores. I felt that I'd probably done her a favor, and left her as a favor to the coyotes. I would have never been able-bodied to eat...
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    Hunting in rain

    Not if bow hunting, lost a good blood trail to a hard rain squall that popped up when hunting in a drizzle. Lost the doe too, even though I got help and looked for hours for that deer. Gun hunting not so bad, especially when using my 444 Marlin. They don't go anywhere. Archery hunting in...
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    City trapping

    I learned that vanilla wafers are unresitable to coons and possums. I trapped several back when I was feeding cats out on the porch. I later learned that the possums are great killers of copperheads and that they consume a lot of ticks. So I am more lieniate of them these days. And the cats...
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    Grayson County monster

    What are they feeding those critters??? Is there a nuclear power plant nearby??? LOL! That would have been an "easy miss" for me from staring at that tangled rack! Congrats to the young fella!
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    Tips for 1st Time Teen Hunter (public land)

    I would also suggest reading up on how to field dress and care for the meat after the shot. I started hunting in the early 80's with no previous knowledge, other than books. (pre-internet) I actually carried copies of the pages showing "how to field dress a deer", folded up in my pocket...
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    It’s getting that time of year

    Got two trees here that normally produce a good crop of the leaf munchers, but nary a one this year, or either tree. They do attract the big channel catfish in my neighbor's pond. My wife pulled out a 32+ pounder there a few years back on those worms!
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    I hate Moultrie cameras

    My first was a Moultrie maybe 15 years ago. It did okay until the Rolling Fork River took it under. It even worked a couple of times after the water receded and I cleaned the mud out. My 10 year old Stealthcam is still working. But it doesn't stay out year round either. I just decided...
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    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    30-30 was my go to for years, and it worked great. After some longer range experiments, I settled on the .270 win. Only had one deer that ran about 30 yards, the rest have dropped in their tracks. (Winchester 150 Ballistic Silvertips) My deep woods gun is a 444 Marlin. They not only don't...
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    Only if you reload them yourself. And that's even tricky with component costs these days.
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    Elk draw results 2022 are posted

    I finally got drawn 3 years ago, after applying every year from the beginning. Never even got my "first year pin" as promised. By the time I found out I was a weiner, my neuropothy was too bad for me to go. That's when I realized I was just a dreamer. I was fortunate enough to to afford a...
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    Crazy Find

    I would clean it up and leave as is. It's a great find!
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    First Deer

    Took me years to get one that nice! Congratulations!
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    Price of

    Pick up some muffin pans as suggested above. Yard sales, Goodwill, thrift shops or steal some from the kitchen at home. Just don't ever use the for food again after pouring lead in them. They don't stick. Used welding gloves and flip them over as soon as they harden. I dump mine on an old...
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    New bucks

    I sincerely wish you the very best of luck finding and tagging one of those dandy bucks! Any would work for me! I have had the most unfortunate luck in finding pictures of nice bucks over the years, only to be disappointed that they were just "passing through". Do what you can to hold them...

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