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    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    Questionable: A lone dog doesn’t kill 1 coyote let alone 8 coyotes and come out without a scratch. It just doesn’t happen that way.
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    Ruger 77

    I have a M77 tang safety model in .270. It kicks. I had a gunsmith work on the trigger and had it free floated and glass bedded. I won’t part with it.
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    Thanksgiving Morning Rabbit Hunt

    I’d call them black blanket-backed. Some might call them high-tan.
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    Knife sharpening suggestions

    I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker and a DMT. I also have an Arkansas stone I use quite a bit.
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    winchester power point

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    Infected deer

    I’m with Jim Shockey. He says there is no waste in nature. I’d do the same and dump the carcass where I killed it. Something will benefit from it.
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    Robbed at Bluegrass Stockyards at Mt sterling KY

    It’s been my experience with any problem that the amount of time between the problem arising and getting it resolved dictates how satisfactory the resolution.
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    Deer vs coffee

    Hells bells fellas. Enjoy hunting and don’t make it so complicated. I bring a big Stanley thermos of coffee and piss right off my stand. I am lucky to have a place where a lot of deer can come through. It’s feast or famine. You either see a lot or virtually nothing. The coffee doesn’t bother...
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    Gutting Deer

    Always gut them
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    Squirrel Dog

    You’d be more likely to find someone if you posted on the squirrel dog central forum.
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    What do you pack to hunt all day?

    I do enjoy packing a large thermos of hot black coffee. A little warm up here and there and I can stay all day.
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    The Flu? What?! No way.

    Flu A is kicking my butt to a fare thee well currently. Covid was a breeze in comparison.
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    Halloween hunting ?

    I agree. I don’t hunt for deer hard, but when I did not hunting Halloween wasn’t an option. That was before kids of course.
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    Most Mines are Lost!

    They need those young fellers that ride mules on that YouTube channel to round up all those strays. They built a mule hauler out of an old school bus.
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    Cast iron finds

    I was given a Wagner Ware skillet. It’s got a large W that’s used in both words. It says Made in USA with an A under that. To be honest it feels cheap, so I’d stay away from those. The other one is older and of superior quality. It make great eggs, too. You can’t win them all but 2 out of 3 is...

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