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  • well u might need to contact the hunt control office on the base..Im pretty sure u will need hunting license, tags, and check on the season regulations on the base, but the hunt control office is the best bet for information....their # is (502) 624-7311 0r 2712.......
    Happy Hunting...
    Did you get to buy anything? We went again to the same place, but no luck this time.. Last Sat. this place was magical, never heard a bird this Sat... Did happen to walk up on a tom out in the field though.. We set up in the area we seen this bird on Sunday morning.. Again not much activity.. Did hear one bird gobble a little after 7:00 off in a distance.. We should have tried to set up on him.. I kind of figured out which way he was heading, but I thought something would come out in the field where we were.. Did see two hens take off when I stood up, hate that.. While we were walking back, we went over towards the location the only bird gobbling earlier was.. At the edge of the woodline we seen a bird in the field.. I have a feeling it was the one we heard earlier.. Tough weekend.. Thought we would have had better luck than that.. Probably try a new location next weekend, if I don't go before then..
    You might think I'm crazy, but shopping the flea markets there sound pretty cool.. Anything of interest at those flea markets? I can't wait to go back to this place for my second bird.. It is going to be in the 80's this weekend, but I don't know if I can wait that long.. We lost our soccer game 1-0, but they played very hard.. Should have known I couldn't get a bird and win our game in the same day.. I'll take the turkey anytime..hahaha..
    Yes I did, I posted a picture under a thread called "awesome double".. Me and a buddy (grousebuster) dropped two out of a group of four.. There was another bird, but he left with the hens.. They flew down right behind us and it took a little while to get turned around without spooking them, but we both finished the morning at 7:06.. It was almost too early, didn't really get to enjoy the morning.. I did hope for an early hunt though.. Had to get back and coach my middle school girls soccer team.. Did you have a good weekend?
    No, I coached a fastpitch team and I got to know him then. I think my parents use to work with him, at Olin maybe, don't know for sure. Take care and nice meeting you.
    Elizabeth Faith,, means promised of God. We tried 8 years befor we could have one.
    Well worth the wait. What is your duties over there?
    Is your dad Otis? You probably don't know me(charlie allgeier) but if Otis is your dad I know him from when he umpired softball games at meade olin. I always thought you and your sister were beautiful. Just an opinion. Hope you are doing ok over seas and pray you and the rest of the military come home save.
    Yes, can hardly wait. I love turkey hunting. Hey guess what? I got a little girl that will be 8 months old Sat. Seen that you got a little one too. After reading that, I think about you being over there and how tough it must be, being away, I send up some prayers for all. Be CAREFUL and holler back at us soon.
    I'd be proud to have you as a friend! I've already explained you to my wife, so we're good to go..HAHAHA Holler at me anytime and thank you so much for your service!
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