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  • 2 coyote hunting contest taking place at deeps this year. first one is jan 29 first place is 300 dollars. they have a pamplet at deeps for info.
    hey fuzzy. biscuit has a wall in his basement for hunting photos and he is making a section for yotes. he told me to get all of them i could from my collection and yours. if there is any way you can if you dont care just email me some pics of my kills and yours at [email protected] thanks.
    I am ordering some stuff from wing supply. Do you know if there is a discount code for Ky hunting?
    hey stuart. when you get in from lbl we will try my girlfriends farm out if you want. her brother saw 3 cross the ridge this mornin around 8 am so i figure we mite have a lil bit of luck.
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