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    Griner released with prisoner swap

    They friggin' admit why they got her released instead of him..... ANYONE who supports this administration can frankly kiss my a$$ at this point. I didn't like them before. Now I actively despise them. There is NO WAY there can ever be any excuse for this bullcrap. And that's before I even think...
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Tried a cheesy penne & smoked sausage bake today in my cast iron pumpkin. The recipe needs work (SALT, more sausage, more tomatoes, and a few green peppers) but gave me a nice base for future endeavors..... Plus it gave me an excuse to use the pumpkin!!!!
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    Griner released with prisoner swap

    Friggin disgrace.
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    Get to the children....The Liberal plan to destroy America

    You know.... I wonder if that's the whole goal behind all of this???????
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    Farmers of color sue government for promised federal aid

    I had several teachers in grade school punish me for writing xxxxxx for my last name on papers. "You know you're not a xxxxxx - you have to put your real name on those!!!!!" I didn't know what else to put so I just took my paddlings & went on putting xxxxxx on there! Eventually they stopped.....
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    Farmers of color sue government for promised federal aid

    G Good luck with that DNA test. My husband & I both grew up believing we were part Cherokee. My mother even told me stories about her grandfather who was a big redheaded Scotsman and his little Cherokee wife. Did the whole DNA test thing a few years ago & guess what? According to it, there's...
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    It’s science!!!!!!

    Yeah, I pray they all hold tight to the values you're teaching them. I firmly believe college at Western is what changed my daughter. All of a sudden, everything we believed in was wrong and she was eagerly embracing every word of the liberal b.s. spouted by her professors and friends. She...
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Another keeper! Venison Tamale Pie. Recipe from Pentail and Realtree Timber to Table. Tamale Pie
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    It’s science!!!!!!

    Thank God my son has common sense too!
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    It’s science!!!!!!

    It's terrifying, isn't it???? My family is as conservative as it comes but there are younger members who are just like that..... One (who has a long line of ministers in his background and extended family) is a self-proclaimed atheist and "pansexual" and his wife is a self-proclaimed witch...
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    Venison Snack Sticks

    That's why we started making our own snack sticks and summer sausage....
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Had some shrimp starting to freezer burn so tried Tim Farmer's gumbo for supper tonight. DELICIOUS!!! That recipe is a "keeper" for sure! With few mods I made to use what we had on hand (a pint of dehydrated okra and canned chicken plus simmered for 3 hours to rehydrate the okra really good).
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    Cast iron finds

    They're cheap but they cook just as good as Lodge or any American brand. I keep several in my camper to use while camping so I don't mess up any good stuff. (They also tend to be lighter weight than most newer American brands which is a factor when loading up the camper.)
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    Soup recipes

    Mmmm.... I'm gonna have to give that one a try!!!!! So many recipes, so little time!!!! lol!
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    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    I respect our CO's. I really do. But my only encounter with one in the field was extremely negative (trying to tell me I had to have a license to hunt on my own farm & accusing me of tagging a buck so my husband could continue to hunt) so I'm thankful that particular one is no longer working as...

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