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    Range day...

    Great shooting. I have a coffee mug my ex wife gave me. My fiancé said she doesn’t ever want to wash it again, I told her I’ll put it at 150 yards, give her one magazine and if she can hit it, great, if not I’m drinking my coffee out of it everyday. She’s had the eye of the tiger at range...
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    3rd world beat down

    They had probably been robbed, victimized and seen one too many young girls stolen into trafficking. Looked like he had a pistol and a claw hammer on him, they probably saved several lives and sadly will be targeted in the next attack.
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Preparing to move new bride/child into my home. $286 for a custom cut door for my bedroom. (No joke, I’d have given 6 grand and skipped to the bank for anything with a lock and a little sound deadening). My daughter wanted a “cool” door on her bedroom. $12 at a flea market. Two nails, five...
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    Another mass shooting

    If he was using marijuana or other drugs, had been treated for or had mental health issues and purchased the firearm “legally” it wasn’t legally obtained.
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    Alaskan Brown Bear

    Looks great!
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    Another mass shooting

    Honda Fit, Face tattoo, shooting patriots. Sounds like a Biden supporter to me.
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    It’s so hot!

    You’d think it was the 4th of July out here. I woke up at 5:30 and mowed, weedeated before it got hot. I still broke a sweat around 9:30 finishing.
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    Could This Been A New World's Record?

    Could have been. Might have got hit by a car or tore his bag on a barbed wire fence. Reckon we’ll never know.
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    I’d vote for him.
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    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    I would personally club the baby seals, chop down 1,000 year old trees and hold dolphins underwater at this point if it meant keeping our children from going through a Venezuela, crash.
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    Another mass shooting

    I avoid Chicago and all of Illinois because of their impossible to follow strict gun laws. This doesn’t seem possible. I will be praying for the victims and that the police do the right thing when they catch the shooter.
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    I made a 275yd shot off the hood of my truck on one in front of three farmers that run 10k acres apiece. I’m kinda well known in area for varmints and trapping. They call me, I don’t look for them anymore. It’s a blessing. Going to haul one last load of furniture and we officially no longer...
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    Dog proof traps

    Ive had terrible luck with marshmallows. Knocked a few neighborhood dogs teeth out with cat food, they just chew on it till the trap busts their jaw. Any kind of bread or cracker with vanilla extract drizzled on it does great. I use zebra cakes I eat most of first a lot of times.
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Continued my pursuit of happiness. Then looked at wedding stuff all day. Read about half a novel in a long hot bath after hoeing out the garden.

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