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    Had my first sit of the year this evening. Not much happening. Seen a basket rack 6 and a young 8.
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    Ky Oaks

    Sawtooth was a new one on me. Hadnt seen them til I went back East to elk hunt last year. They were everywhere on strip jobs and hanging full of acorns. Even the small trees were loaded. Not sure where they fall.
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    Question on pheasant quota hunt

    There was no explanation from the FW office. Some put and take guys that I know said they were likely stressed from the delivery and then not placed appropriately. We found two roosters laying dead in the middle of the cut trail completely untouched. We had the second day hunt so birds had to...
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    Question on pheasant quota hunt

    Unless its changed they used to put out 2 birds per person drawn. Of course if some make it from previous hunts there would be a few more. The one time I did it and was drawn we found most of the released pheasants dead laying on the ground. We hunted Green River and between the several...
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    Muskie hunting in the Kinniconick, Licking, and Tygart's Creek watershed.

    Can’t speak for this situation but I arm my self at the damn gas station anymore. I sure as heck would be packing if I was floating down a river by myself!!!
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    WTB 35 Rem Ammo

    Think I seen some at our local Dunhams last week. Believe they were close to 50 bucks a box. That interests you let me know and I’ll pop in and see if they are still there
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    Public dove fields??

    I don’t take that as rude. I am well aware of that fact. Been hunting a lot of years.
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    Public dove fields??

    I honestly don't think this one was planted with anything either. Last year at least I could see the millet tops. This year it looks like a hay field that was mowed down. Harder to kill them when you don't have the private land to put out sunflowers and other attractants like. I wish some...
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    Public dove fields??

    Do they all suck? I have hunted the two closest to me the past couple years and they are pitiful. Went to the field in Lincoln county yesterday and didn't see a single dove. Whatever was planted just looked like every other hay field around. I know some of you fellas kill them on public...
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    Youth Question

    From the book. Youth Turkey Permit - Issued to holders of Youth Hunting Licenses only. Entitles the holder to one turkey during spring or fall. Two per season may be sold to a Youth license holder. NOTE: Youth hunting license holders may instead buy the regular turkey permits, which include 2...
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    Bobwhite crop

    Had one standing in my drive this am. A single. His lady must have already been in the beans. I see the pair often. Usually 2-3 small coveys of 12-15 behind the house every year. Jumped them almost every time we rabbit hunted.
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    Inexpensive crossbows

    I've got a center point dagger 390. A bit heavy but shoots very consistent. Caught it on sale at Dunham's couple years back for little to nothing. Killed my buck with it last year at 43 yards.
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    What kind of clover is this

    We called it sour weed growing up. Used to chew it like tobacco when we was kids
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    Crappie beginner

    Cardinal bait shop been gone a long time!! I miss that place. Bought my first rifle there.
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    Crappie beginner


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