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  • I'm a out of state drawer. I saw your post. I'm a veteran. Would love some info. I've only been able to scout a few areas and I'm limited to public access in unit 6. I've found it's hard hunting. If you're still willing to help I'm willing to put in the leg work. Planning on coming back next weekend if I can get off. Either way, I'd like to talk. My first time on elk and I'm trying to diy. Thanks for any help
    Hey bud. Wife has a cow tag. I been down sick this year so no scouting She is at large you all have any suggestions on where we may find her one. She has the RH voucher land but we never been there at all. Thanks. Rick
    I drew one of four archery bull tags for the tug fork Lea. It just came out on Friday. Any advice or help you could give would be awesome. I noticed you've been slammed with people looking for help. I appreciate your offer, but don't want this to become a burden for you either and take the enjoyment out of it. What's the best way to get ahold of you? Just keep posting on here or phone or email? Thanks again
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