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    Road kill monster

    Damn it.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Ground the point on that brisket I got on sale. Smoked them at 225 till 125. Pulled ramped up to 500 put back on and finished.
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    Damn it was hot

    Shooting the same Retriever reel I bought 22 years ago on my recurve.
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    It's almost time to put the handcuffs on!!

    I was thinking the same.
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    New predator movie

    Yeah I saw that. I didn’t want to go into much detail
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

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    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Good luck. Take some snake pics.
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    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    Keep more snakes around.
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    New predator movie

    I’m a big fan of them all. Liked the bear fight and him breaking bad on the French.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    I believe I will.
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    New predator movie

    BS Billy you ain’t scared of no man.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Hmm. Found out mine will hit 620 when I done the pre burn off.
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    New predator movie

    Yep that’s the same one. Wonder how it went down when they got it back?
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    Full Metal Jacket dip

    I use it. No problems at all here.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Next meal is currently on.

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