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  • yep, that was my dad, age 73. we dont lease any, just fortunate enought to own some, 1500 or 1600 ac or so. been working on survey for 2 years. will be back up within a month to do some more and turkey hunt some. How nice a buck was it that your kin folks shot? We passed on several, but didnt shoot any. I stay after them to not shoot anything unless its a good un.
    email me anytime,
    [email protected]
    That would probably be me. I talked to a man up there one day that was from tennesee if i remember correctly. He was in his 50s-60s. Very nice man if we are talking about the same person. I think he said his son or some relation to him had a very large tract of land leased from mosby to where I ran into him at. Somthing like 1500 acres I think.
    Absolute Monster Ky Buck!!! is the name of the thread where a 199 was killed. That landowner just called me with 1100 acres for lease on the Estill/ county line.
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