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    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    Yes Bering!
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    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    I bought the Hogster 35 and later added a video recorder to it. I believe it was 2,850 dollars great scope they Hava a Hogster 25 and another one less than, the 25 is 2,500 the other I believe is 2,000 but you get a smaller field of view and less base magnification. The 35 is about perfect in my...
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    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    I haven't been checked in a few yrs but used to get check several times a yr duck hunting and turkey hunting! Only see one every now and then on the road getting gas. I have no problem being checked the last time I was at lbl a nice young lady checked me it was her first day on the job and she...
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    An excess of caution

    Those 13 should of been arrested and water boarded till they gave up the one who made the threats!
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    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    I really like night hunting with a thermal, tried lights yrs ago with a shotgun only went a few times and said screw it. I like to hunt alone just me and my dog I've hunted with people before that took to many risky shots never contributed any spots to hunt and then tried to go back and hunt. I...
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    You got that right!
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    Yellowstone season 5 kicks off tonight,

    Good episode not great but good, got paramount +last weekend and finally got to watch 1883 it was very good. Now I'm ready for 1928 I think it is on Dec 18th!
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    Another Coyote Attack

    That was over 30 yrs ago I don't think I even owned a handgun back then! You really didn't need one like now.
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    Ruger 77

    I've owned several 22 hornet 223 243 and still own a 3006 good guns just needed money on a few and the hornet didn't offer enough over a 22 mag for me to keep. The 06 belonged to my late brother and will never leave my possession it has the adjustable trigger and hooded front sites with flip up...
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    Another Coyote Attack

    Had a bitch run me up a tree one time, road my 4 wheeler into a place and stopped to get off and gear up. Parked within 8 feet of her din in a cedar thicket she about tore me a new asshole! Grabbed ahold of a tree limb and pulled myself up in a tree and couldn't get my gun off the atv, she...
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    Look for a story about Elon hanging himself.

    The former owner of Twitter should already be arrested and telling the truth so he can commit suicide!
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    An excess of caution

    It's Trumps fault!
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    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    He's one bad ass dog!
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    There around pricey but can be found.
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    Brag time

    That's awsome! Congrats to her and you your sacrifice was well worth it!