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  • Hey there!

    Is anyone EVER ready for turkey season?

    Good to hear from you.

    I'm still writing-- had a piece in January Deer and Deer Hunting, and I'm still doing the weblog (Genesis 9:2-4 Ministries). I mostly lurk here, because everytime I posted link to one of my stories somebody was sending me a nastygram.

    Boy, Heirloom certainly dribbled off to nothing, didn't it? I keep watching, but . . .

    I'm over at Deer and Deer Hunting and Turkey and Turkey Hunting a lot, and i do a lot of lurking here.

    In case you don't have it, you can always reach me at sha[email protected] I'm also on Facebook and MySpace.

    Write soon. Write often.
    Are you ready for turkey season? I am hoping I get to read one of your great stories again this year from your trips.
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