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  • Thanks for your response about South Dakota turkey hunting. I would like the contact information. Apparently the season is quite long. Any suggestions on the optimum time to plan a trip?
    Hey dave, i gotta question about one of my covert cameras. I have one that when it takes daytime pics its completely red. The pics are still visible but red. The night pics are fine but its just the day pics. Thanks
    Not in OH. Lots of deer killed every year that get spread around through rumors. Theres one on here that was suppose to score 320 from IL, come to find out it was a high fence deer.
    Have you heard of a 320 bowkill in ohio. Jimmy holland said he has a picture and it has just nasty mass.
    hey skindog if you get a chance today i was wondering if you could email me the logos you have for LRGC AND COVERT. my email is [email protected]
    im going down to franklin on monday to talk to a guy
    hey man ,hope ya feeling a little better,you going to be set up the 28th at the ag expo center?for the sportsmans show.
    Just wanted to thank you for the calls you put together for Primal Impact. I cant wait to get one of them and try it out. You going to the Strader show?

    Trying to get a name and phone number of the hunter from Georgia who took the big non-typical in Butler County. My editor at RACK wants to go over and measure it for Buckmasters and get a story. If you have a name and number or any idea where I can get it I would appreciate it.


    Dale Weddle cell -606-219-2935
    Dear Dave:

    How has your season been. You have not missed anything in Hart County. I just don't know the farm well and the logging has things out of wack. Nice deer. I heard about a 190 killed in Butler also. I will send pic when I can get one.

    Thanks for taking the time to come over and score my deer last night. I will get back with you tonight about the camera for my friend.
    I can't believe the great Internet scorer hasn't posted a score on my bucks! I am hurt.
    Hey Dave, really enjoy the pics. Is there anyone in our area selling the scoutguard cameras? I'm wanting to get another camera and thought I'd get one. Thanks, Chris.
    They are getting big. Took Alyssa fishing a couple weeks ago and she wore me out! Between baiting, untangling and takin off fish, she whipped me pretty bad! lol You guys take care.
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