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  • Randy, Thanks for the encouragement. I've got two moms, one really, who think their kids are going to make all-stars and I'm holding them back. The kids are holding themselves back. One's too young and the other plays 3 good innings and then lollygags and looks around. If I can get my Emma to play more consistently, maybe, just maybe, she'll make all-stars. Otherwise, I don't have anyone who can play with the other girls out there. My parents THINK theirs can, but the truth is, they can't. I will be nominating three off of Pizzazz and yours is one of them. Don't know if I was sposed to tell youthat or not. Probably not. I do know that I can't nominate any of my teams girls which is good cause it keeps parents from getting po'd at the coach.
    Greg u should tell the parents like i did once.I had a parent smart off about the batters box that i chalked off.I told him he should have his sorry ass out there doing it if he didnt like it.I always try to tell my boys the positive things they do.You can really drag a kid down by telling them all the negative things they do.I try to always just talk to all my kids about the things they do wrong and if they will listen and are willing we can fix it.I think u do a good job with the kids.If anyone dont like it then they should have signed up to coach.
    I got a late start in kids also have twin 14yr olds a 12 yr old and a 8 yr old.My wife and Lori know each other.Yes it was Larry that gave u away at london tourney.
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