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  • The ghillie suits r great. Got one three yrs ago. I've had hens with in a few feet of my boots. I've had small song birds land on my hat and gun barrel. Few draw backs. They get heavy when wet. They trap alot of heat. They catch on everything cant bowhunt with it but the good out weights the bad. I got mine out of cabelas. It's the nicest suit that they had.(mossy oak) I got leafy wear too but the ghille suit covers up the little movements. Btw watch out for squirrels and chipmunks you r their new found bush.
    he went Friday morning to Jenny Hole with some buddies & killed 12. We need ALOT of rain, these little rains ain't gonna help any. But its early!!
    Yeah we are gonna try again tomorrow but the birds just arent down there yet but you gotta kill that first bird sometime, i think with all this water coming this weeked out pit might be a go for saturday or something, but i did think a goose hunt behind the pit! Has joey been yet?
    Ain't been yet! Probally won't unless we get water, tho a goose hunt with decoys behind the pit is a possibility.
    The birds are very thin we hunted out of that pit right past highgrounds yesterday and they hardly shot, maybe just a few times.But we are bout to get some birds down there with all this snow north of us and a lot of rain!!!!!! We are gonnna try it again tomorrow
    Well that sucks, Ill be hunting down past highgrounds friday, and probably as much as possible till we get water. I got another buddy who has a pit on klondike and ill be hunting that on weekdays when im not workin.
    No water as usual. Corn was planted by the pit, but plowed under. Hope for rain is all i know to say. Stay in touch.
    Hey Tim this is mason, so whats the situation on the pit? No water or what, i figure we dont have any. Is there corn planted there or something else?
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