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  • Wow brother...that's awesome!! I'd love to see the pics. I think Jesse tagged out yesterday in Henry County, Kentucky hunting with Jeff Noel. I've yet to draw blood. I've had a few chances, just hasn't come together.
    Yeah, the bird actually has 5 knotts with a beard in each one. There were three beard that were think and in lenght of 10inch. I actually have not measured the long beards, but I will try to post pics.
    Yes, this is Napoleon! Call me Big Kuntry Sir. My friend, I hope you've heard nothing but good things about me. How are you? what is your name?
    To be honest with you, I don't know. I've never had one taken off. You could ask one of the moderators. I think GSP is a moderator. You can try him. I'm sorry.
    hey turkeyman ive noticed people post getting taken off a lot tonight and a few of mine, i haven't been on here much but can you tell me why that is
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