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  1. Nock

    Damn it was hot

    But the shooting was hotter. Could’ve sunk a small boat with them. Pretty sure we broke 100. Couple big heads and grassy’s mixed in with the silvers.
  2. Nock

    Good night

    Getting a day off tomorrow. Headed west. Smacked the big heads
  3. Nock

    No trolling motor yet but…

    I did get this.
  4. Nock

    Trolling Motor

    I’m looking to upgrade my 20 yr old motor guide. I’m wanting something with spot lock. What do you have? What have you used? Looking for good and bad.
  5. Nock

    Mixed bag

    Mixed bag yesterday. Gills crappie bass redear pumpkinseeds and couple nice warmouths. I left biting fish as bad as I hate to do it.
  6. Nock

    Always wanted to go here…

    Headed to Santee Cooper tomorrow after work. Always wanted to go chase the cats there. Looks like we will be fishing Lake Marion.
  7. Nock

    2022 bee thread.

    Busy day Saturday adding boxes. I was late on one give. It was full of swarm cells. Went through it 4 times never found the queen. Pretty sure they had already hit a tree on me. Went ahead and made two splits out of it. Got 5 swarm traps out yesterday. It will be breaking loose soon. My wife had...
  8. Nock

    In the swamp

    Spent a few days down in the Atchafalya basin in southern Louisiana. Stayed with Stafford and Belinda at Cajun Experience. Had a blast. I would highly recommend it. Already planning another longer trip next year (rest of year booked). Got several pics I’ll post...
  9. Nock

    How’s that one going to play out?
  10. Nock

    UK vs NF

    First time at a UK game. Sitting right behind the bench.
  11. Nock

    Any word

    On how the the check in’s have went in the 5 county check zone? Anyone been?
  12. Nock

    Close call. Be careful

    I was going to move a set while ago. While taking it down I just so happened to look at the cables. I noticed a lot of rust at the top ferrule. I started wiggling at it and the cable broke. One broke on a buddy of mine month or so a go. If not for that I doubt I would’ve even looked at it. Just...
  13. Nock

    2020 mount back

  14. Nock

    How bad you want some coffee?
  15. Nock

    Didn’t think you could do that Guess they can do what they want.
  16. Nock

    Never will be happy
  17. Nock

    Little early....

    but they are up. Better check your spots.
  18. Nock

    Another one for the Clinton's
  19. Nock

    Felt normal

    Took my boys and couple of my oldest son friends to the Tennessee renaissance festival today. It actually felt pretty good being around several thousand people. Like things were almost back to normal. Only hand full were wearing masks. I really enjoyed the falconry show.
  20. Nock

    Iowa gets it