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  1. Brody

    ATV Repair

    Heads up ,whatever you do don't take your ATV or motorcycle to Smith's cycle in Stanford. You'll be sorry you did.
  2. Brody

    Cedar tree pollen explosion

    Saw some cedar trees doing this yesterday. Strange thing I'd never before seen. Saw 5 or 6 trees do this.
  3. Brody

    Valentine's Day

    Well V-Day is coming, found this and luved it!
  4. Brody


    Sick,sick, sick! What are nation has now become. Only one man stood for us, blocking this trash from the evil that will now befall us. No one with enough backbone to stand for good, for justice. Yours and mine will have to pay for this out right election cheating,the lies, the evil that they...
  5. Brody

    Pole Dancers.... God Bless Um!

    My 3rd wife was a pole dancer, best looking one in the house. $1000 a nite easy. Wild times for sure, we had a blast while it lasted! God Bless them all. !!!!! Would post pics but don't wanna get!
  6. Brody


    It's that time a yr again! Careful out there guys. Jackson co today
  7. Brody

    The Savage Nation

    Been following Michael Savage for the past 10 yrs or so. What are any of your opions on him and his radio show. Mainstream shuns him.He has the 2nd largest following of all talk radio, behind Rush,then Hannity in 3rd.l have found him to be right on about most thing, and he tells it like it is...
  8. Brody


    Worked putting a road into our land this weekend,and there was a grouse there that followed me around like a pet chicken for the entire 3days. Wasn't afraid of us or the heavy eguipment. Actually sat on my boot at one point! Anybody ever seen this behavior out of a wilderness bird before?Got...
  9. Brody

    Law library books

    Have law library books for sale or possibly trade. Excellent condition! PM for more info
  10. Brody


    A guy that traps caught this on my buddy's farm yesterday.