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    10mm hunters

    I have decided to build a custom 10mm long slide 1911 for deer hunting. It's a great round for inside 125 yards, which most of my shots will be, heck, 75 is kind of a long shot for where I hunt. Anyone have experience with this round? Load data and terminal performance out of a 6 inch barrel is...
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    TC Omega for sale

    No longer hunt blackpowder, so selling my entire kit: Rifle: TC Omega w/Leupold 3x9 rifleman scope, 50cal. Breechplug mod to accept 32acp pistol brass allowing use of large pistol primers for better ignition. Comes with: see pictures. Enough to allow you to hunt several years without buying...
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    Early Goose season

    Has anyone hunted the early season? If so, how did you do?
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    6.5 woe's

    Dummy me decided that I would rebarrel my 6xc PRS rifle to something in 6.5mm for hunting season this year and ordered a fluted 6.5, 7.5 twist #2 contour barrel and a new hunting stock. The goal was one really nice, very accurate hunting rifle I could swap barrels on and put back in the chassis...
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    416 Barrett ammo and Magazine

    I have 29 rounds of factory Barrett 416 ammo and a magazine for a Barret M82...juuuuust a bit much for Ky deer, or Elk, Greyhound buses, feral T Rexes you may have running around..asking $250 for the lot.
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    300 Weatherby MK V

    I have a like new, only 5 rounds down the barrel, Weatherby MK V in 300 Weatherby Magnum. Asking $1100.00 firm. I can transfer to your FFL or you can pick it up. Cash, Money Order, Check (funds verified before it leaves the safe) or Paypal FF transfer. Message me for details.
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    Geese/Duck hunting near Madison County

    I have not been able to get out the past 5 years and my buddy I sold all of my few decoys and blinds to, moved to Indiana. I am looking for new hunting partners and places around Madison County but willing to drive. Anyone else in the same boat or know a group looking for new members? PM me if...
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    Sako 85 Hunter for sale

    I have a great hunting rifle for sale. It has been sitting in the safe not used since I started hunting with a pistol. It is a walnut and blued steel, 4 shot, .338 Federal. Comes with a Nikon Buckmasters scope and rings, 100 rounds of brass and some factory ammo, a full set of loading dies and...
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    Trail cam reviews

    I have looked and looked and read more reviews about trail cams than I can stand and still don't really trust the online reviews much. Like any other product, a lot of the "review" websites are populated by industry product managers writing reviews that push their product and try to negate the...
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    Where did they go?

    I hunt Henry County and was really surprised this year. I saw a lot of deer during xbow season, moving pretty late so I could not get a shot. During blackpowder and gun season they all vanished. The only thing I saw was well after shooting light and it was a young buck. I know they were there...

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