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    They Never Give Up

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    Ever wonder how the demorats got control of the media ?
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    Sander's Math Lesson

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    The HUNT : A Movie About Liberals Hunting " Deplorables " Release Date 3/13/2020

    This is no joke , a movie about liberals kidnapping " Deplorables " and hunting them for sport . By Universal Pictures . See this article : Hunt (2020 film )
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    Trump Started Cleaning House

    Staff reduction at the white house. Trump's on the war path . Sondland and both Vindman and his brother .
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    Senate Vote To Allow New Witnesses

    51 NO 49 YES
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    Not enough votes to stop the calling of witnessed .

    Mitch said today , after Trumps defense teem concluded , that the Republicans did not have enough votes to block the demorats from calling witnesses . If they can't block that , do they have enough votes to keep Trump from being impeached ?
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    KY Counties Becoming Second Amendment Sanctuaries

    As of 12:30 pm today.
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    DNC Slogan For 2020 Election

    The demonRATS have a NEW slogan for the 2020 election .
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    Black Friday Savings

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    Wife is not happy !

    Your wife ever give you a hard time about your deer hunting expenses and time you invest on the sport ?
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    Bevin Concedes Defeat

    Bevin conceded defeat today . Lame Duck governor . Now lets see if we get our no toll bridge . Get ready for an increase in gasoline tax , sales tax and property tax to pay for the bridge into Cincinnati from Covington . I hope you democrats that will rarely use it enjoy helping to pay for it .
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    My wife caught me again

    I ca I can't win !
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    Trump rally at Rupp Arena Nov. 4 at 7 pm

    Donald Trump will be holding a rally at the Rupp Arena Nov. 4 th at 7 pm . Doors open at 4 pm .To make sure you get a seat , get free tickets at OR HAD A BOMB PUT IN THEIR CAR !
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    Just found out what DACA stands for, DEMOCRATS AGAINST CITIZENS OF AMERICA . No wonder the democrats are fighting so hard for it .
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    Elk Telecheck results for 2017

    710 tags drawn . 332 elk harvested ; 184 bulls , 148 cows . Top 5 counties #1 Knott 64, #2 Leslie 50 ,#3 Martin 42 , #4 Perry 41 , #5 Breathitt 31 . That's 228 for the top 5 counties out of the total of 332 harvested . 46% success rate over all , 73.6% success rate on bulls ,32% success rate...
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    First bobcat picture in northern Boon co.

    Last night on one of my trail cameras I got my first bobcat pictures ever.

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