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  1. KY_Fried

    Grayson County monster

    That kid's got his work cut out for him if he ever plans on topping that. Awesome deer!
  2. KY_Fried

    Why You See "Now Hiring" Signs

    I know several people in KY who make a decent living on doing nothing and we didn't even make the list.
  3. KY_Fried

    Paw Paw fruit

    I may have to give the "banana" bread a try. When I was a kid I could sit and eat them all day. Every time I try them anymore I can't get past the annoying film and aftertaste they leave in my mouth. And yes, they're fully ripened.
  4. KY_Fried

    Paw Paw fruit

    They don't keep very long and I doubt you're just planning on chowing down on all of them so just curious, what are you planning on doing with all of those?
  5. KY_Fried

    New neighbors

    So the new neighbors from Cali are finally moving in. Haven't meet them yet but from what I've seen they're not your typical Cali folks. Old Ford truck with an old john boat filled with duck decoys and jug fishing rigs. Archery targets galore, an old Ford tractor, and a bloodhound. They can't...
  6. KY_Fried

    Paw Paw fruit

    Had a lot fall off early around here for some reason. Seemed like there were still plenty that made it though. I don't really like them much so I haven't been paying attention. I used to love them as a kid though.
  7. KY_Fried

    Corn Prices 😡

    Nah. Thinking about that kind of stuff takes all the fun out it. If I was flat broke and literally hunting for food to survive on, I wouldn't use corn. I'm not so...
  8. KY_Fried

    Corn Prices 😡

    I unfortunately had to make the drive to Wal-mart in Alexandria this morning. I go super early as I hate crowds and figured I'd pick up a few bags of corn to tie me over until the guy I usually buy from has his ready and nowhere else was open that early. They didn't have a single bag.
  9. KY_Fried

    Good Day

    Agreed. I think we've officially hit the fall season today, at least up here. It was 94 on Wednesday, it's a frigid 42 this morning. Our dog was loosing his mind all night at the deer moving around the house.
  10. KY_Fried

    New neighbors

    That's what happened with the farm I was talking about before. They paid cash for it and never even seen it in person. As of yesterday they still haven't and the former owners have been moved out for over a month. Not smart leaving a nice house and barns vacant for that long these days.
  11. KY_Fried

    A Brief History of Fantastically Wrong Climate Change Predictions

    I can remember a science book back in middle school that had a picture of what NYC would look like in 2020 after all the glaciers melted. I think the ocean was about 10 stories up on the Empire State Building lol!
  12. KY_Fried

    Down and out

    He sounds like he has the right attitude. It's all part of growing up. Any kid who never hurt themself never really got to be a kid.
  13. KY_Fried

    My grandson about busted my door off its hinges

    Nice fish. I'd be excited too and I'm pushing 50.
  14. KY_Fried

    New neighbors

    Yeah, it's the same here with out of staters, and even quite a few from other countries. Land prices are dirt cheap around here compared to most of the country so I get why, I'm just not crazy about it. Most are fine and I can't blame them at all for wanting to get out of where they were so long...
  15. KY_Fried

    New neighbors

    A family about a half mile down the road just sold their farm to some people from Cali. Haven't met them yet. They must have money considering what they paid for it, and in cash. The last time I knew of someone moving out here from Cali we were blessed with a registered sex offender. 😡 He didn't...
  16. KY_Fried

    Looks like Martha's Vinyard has some new guests and the residents aren't too happy about having them

    I have the upmost respect for his military duty. One of the things I look for in a good President is military experience and he definitely has that checked and then some. There are also several vets who served honorably on the nutty side of the fence. I think military experience is VERY...
  17. KY_Fried


    I try to not bite and usually don't, but sometimes I can't help myself. There's only been 2-3 people I've ever put on ignore. It takes a lot for that to happen.
  18. KY_Fried

    Anyone ever do Deer drives?

    Never have but if we could use buckshot I might give it a try.
  19. KY_Fried

    Looks like Martha's Vinyard has some new guests and the residents aren't too happy about having them

    They would probably take back 2 million just to get rid of her.
  20. KY_Fried

    Looks like Martha's Vinyard has some new guests and the residents aren't too happy about having them

    I say we make a deal. We'll take 1,000,000 migrants if they take Hillary. That country would be begging for them to come back in short order.