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  1. luvtohunt

    Public dove fields??

    Do they all suck? I have hunted the two closest to me the past couple years and they are pitiful. Went to the field in Lincoln county yesterday and didn't see a single dove. Whatever was planted just looked like every other hay field around. I know some of you fellas kill them on public...
  2. luvtohunt

    '98 Buick Riviera

    Have a 1998 Buick Riviera for sale. Good running and driving car with 141000 miles on it. It does have some issues here are the ones I know of: it has some difficulty starting at times requiring 2-3 cranks but it always starts, driver side window wont roll down, no a/c, interior is not great...
  3. luvtohunt

    Garmin Pro 70 3 collar system

    Have a Garmin Pro 70 3 collar training set for sale. Used them with my beagles before getting out of hounds all together recently. All collars have chargers and hold great charge. Light, tone, and 5 levels of shock. 3 additional collars can be controlled with this system as well for a...
  4. luvtohunt

    Hound hunting stuff

    Well I’m out of the beagle business so got some stuff to sell if anyone is interested. Have a garmin pro 70 with 3 collars, 3 chargers, the hand held and charger for $325. A 10x10x6 kennel for $125. A black Evans custom dog box with top storage. In decent shape but needs to be cleaned up a...
  5. luvtohunt

    209 primers and a few no 11 caps

    Was cleaning up some old ML stuff today. Found an old tin of about 30-40 number 11 caps and a little over a hundred 209 primers ( both Winchester but one group is Winchester triple 7). Anyone interested? I’ll trade or sell. Thanks. Also have 7 tubes of 50 grain pyrodex pellets if that...
  6. luvtohunt

    Goose Creek, Clay County, Ky

    Any of you fellas on the board here familiar with fishing Goose creek? I've been watching a bunch of vids of musky fishing there and it is close enough that I feel like I could put some time into figuring it out a bit and finally catching my first good musky!! Just need some knowledge on...
  7. luvtohunt

    Different Euro

    So I’ve done and had done a couple Euro’s in the past where they are scrubbed and bleached white and like those a lot but wanted something a little different this time. This is my last years buck I’m finishing up and getting ready to mount. A more natural/weathered look that I actually like a...
  8. luvtohunt

    They are falling!!

    Scouted a new farm I got permission on this week. Big difference from what I’m used to being I hunt mostly field edges and fence row trees. This is all timber. Found plenty of chestnut oaks and some white oaks. Chestnut oaks are loaded and raining right now!!!
  9. luvtohunt

    Couple PSE bows, on LH one RH

    See attachment. My buddy is selling them. Text him he said is best. 606-219-3047
  10. luvtohunt

    Simple investing?

    Ok so I will admit I know very little about this subject but had a question. Currently I am in the KERS and think I will be able to remain there so feel somewhat ok for my retirement needs. I have read some stuff on here so know you guys are more educated than myself about investing. Here is...
  11. luvtohunt

    Elk hunting area drawings posted

    They are on ur profile if you haven't looked already!!
  12. luvtohunt

    Covid clearing??!!

    Man I guess that some of the farmers I hunted on in the past had some major cabin fever with Covid. I lost my two best rabbit hunting spots due to major scale clean ups that occurred during Covid. I’m talking gnarly grown up thickets to near plantable ground clear. Not sure I’ll have much...
  13. luvtohunt


    I was preparing to cut my yard this am when I noticed a brown blob in the front yard. Walked over to inspect and it was a dead adult male Bob white. It was relatively intact, nothing had been chewing on it amd all of its feathers were intact short of a few scattered about the ground. I have...
  14. luvtohunt

    Best in a while!!

    Caught a 3 pound (3 pounds and a half ounce) spot this weekend. First one I have caught that big in a long time!!
  15. luvtohunt

    Essentials for Ky??

    Ok so some of you have seen that I was drawn to hunt elk in Ky. A bucket list thing for myself without question and I am still on cloud 9. I am goin to give myself every advantage possible by hiring a guide but was wondering from some of you who have hunted in the past in Ky for them, what are...
  16. luvtohunt


    Don't know if anyone is interested but I purchased a box of Bacc-off in the straight pouches that I just don't care for. I took a couple of pouches out of one can so 9 cans still new in the box. If someone was interested I'd take $25 bucks for them. Typically 3.99 a can so a little savings!
  17. luvtohunt

    Dang it’s cold!!!!

    But they are biting!!!
  18. luvtohunt

    Polaris Ranger/UTV Question

    Any of you guys ever had made or purchased an extended roll cage for your single row seated utility vehicles? I have a 09 Polaris Ranger 700 xp that I’d like to put a bench seat in the bed and extend the cage for protection to ride with the entire family (don’t wanna drop 12-15 grand on a 4...
  19. luvtohunt


    Is a fried rabbit cake with garlic and dill aioli!!! First bunny hunt for me this year was yesterday. Way too thick but managed to scratch off 5 between 2 of us. Jumped 10-11 I think.
  20. luvtohunt

    Please remove

    Had a beagle dog show up at a buddies house about a month ago that had a blue collar with no tag. I picked it up this week to throw in the kennel with mine however it seems more like a pet than a hunting dog. It will run in with my other two dogs but not well. Looking to re-home him. If I...

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