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  1. Feedman

    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    That is a whopper!!! Is that a Norway rat or a wolf rat?
  2. Feedman

    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Big Shoot, Those will cost you your man card.
  3. Feedman

    KY Fur Takers Meet

    Me too
  4. Feedman

    What did I miss?

    Hundreds of pictures of hummingbirds
  5. Feedman

    Electric vehicles

    Looks like a few of them blew up in Florida when they got hit by salt water.
  6. Feedman

    Jack , 4 off suit....mmm or wow?

    She didn't know what she was doing an got lucky
  7. Feedman

    Got to laugh at this.

    Good picture
  8. Feedman

    What did I miss?

    Glad you are back! Have you written any more stories?
  9. Feedman

    Stink Bugs

    I got 4 put if house today when I got home
  10. Feedman

    Outfitter teasing my wife

    I'd bet that she is home splitting wood
  11. Feedman

    Hunters Education Question

    It should work. I have mine from Tennessee
  12. Feedman

    Gloves or red hands

    Me either
  13. Feedman

    Seth Rich murder saga continues...

    It will be interesting to see what they find.
  14. Feedman

    Hopkins County

    Congratulations, Dandy Buck
  15. Feedman

    Youth Weekend

    I l I like his style
  16. Feedman

    Electric vehicles

    So are you saying that the cost of Beer is going to go up??
  17. Feedman

    Hickory Nuts

    What a biggin!!!!!
  18. Feedman

    It’s been a while

    Congratulations, That is a dandy
  19. Feedman

    Unit 3 tag filled

    Congratulations, Nice bull

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