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  1. Ataulbe1

    Quota hunt results are up

    Looks like we're back to Taylorsville.
  2. Ataulbe1


    @Dreamhunter did you ever get ahold of spypoint customer service? I bought a spypoint 2 years ago and have loved it. Zero issues until last month. Ran it out of batteries, put new in and moved it...wouldn't connect just blinking green. Brought it home and getting a DSM failure. Zero luck...
  3. Ataulbe1

    Hurricane Ian

    My inlaws live in Rotunda West and took a direct hit. Got the call at 5:30 the house was destroyed and roof gone but they were alive. Wife is in shock. Would appreciate any prayers. Worry about them through the night.
  4. Ataulbe1

    Youth tag filled!!!

    Awesome!! Congratulations!
  5. Ataulbe1

    Are the Good Times Really Over?

    Article seemed a little dramatic lol Like Cole said, spending $1,600 on draws and pouting when you don't get drawn to hunt all 4 states. Then write an article about the good old days being over. 😆
  6. Ataulbe1

    Are the Good Times Really Over?
  7. Ataulbe1

    When are you taking off to hunt?

    I'm struggling to decide. Thinking Nov11-Nov20 and couple days the first week, maybe 10/31-11/1 or 11/4-11/7. Hard to go wrong those first few weeks after Halloween.
  8. Ataulbe1

    UK athletes falsifying work hours

    They were getting paid for not working at all. Person putting their hours in was fired but they were still taking the money knowing they didn't work. Word is Stoops was PISSED when he found out. Everyone involved must have been complete idiots to think they wouldn't get caught. And at a time...
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    First rub for me

  10. Ataulbe1

    First rub for me

    Beat me to it. I'd be more surprised to see a flock of turkeys than a buck breeding in July.
  11. Ataulbe1

    Which powder is more accurate

    Very similar to my results. Good starting point if looking to fine tune. Mine liked this load best: 70gr weight BH (100gr volume) 250 gr Barnes spit-fire t-ez Federal 209a primers
  12. Ataulbe1

    Portable Power Station

    Yeah they're not very practical for making coffee...but you can do that with a camp fire. Being able to recharge phones, AA/AAA batteries, lights, etc make them pretty handy on a multi day trip. Sure a 2000w one would be nice but I'd rather have one I can charge 80%-100% every day with a...
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    Sawyers, permethrin and scent

    No odor when dry. I'd spray everything down tonight and let it dry good.
  14. Ataulbe1

    Well....there goes the neighborhood

    Glock 20
  15. Ataulbe1

    Well....there goes the neighborhood

    This pic is in Wolfe County about 4 miles from the river. We caught a pic 2 years ago of one passing through but this guy is hanging out eat corn and salt block. Was just a matter of time I guess. Too bad it's almost impossible to hunt them legally in Ky.
  16. Ataulbe1

    Well....there goes the neighborhood

  17. Ataulbe1

    Quota Hunts

    We've hunted several, but Taylorsville is about our favorite now. Just have to plan on doing some walking to get away from people. They'll come sit in your lap if you're not far enough from the parking areas.
  18. Ataulbe1

    retired KY game warden book

    I wouldn't mind reading that. Thanks for sharing. I've heard some wild stories from game wardens. Usually outgunned/outnumbered situations, in BFE on their own. Met a few real pricks that give CO's a bad rap, but majority have been really good dudes that just grew up hunting and fishing like the...
  19. Ataulbe1

    Hunting Firearm Preference

    You might be onto something! The holy grail of stopping power and speed. If only it worked through doors.
  20. Ataulbe1

    Saying goodbye to a friend.

    Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family.

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