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    Wow that's tight!

    Never seen such a tight rack. @old raspy
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    Buck in barn stall!

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    Letting them pass

    You and me both. I don't have to kill a buck and sometimes wont so I don't have to end my season. Ssshhh. Don't tell my wife.
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    hunting strategy

    That beer wet your whistle for the mouth call? ;)
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    hunting strategy

    I think he already does that. Could be why he can't see deer.
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    Seen a small herd of cows this evening

    I was told this weekend there have been elk released in McCreary county. Any truth to that?
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    This is very relevant for today......

    Very true. You think any of the bitching and moaning about semi-true problems have done one ounce of good anywhere? Yes, I like to poke the bear but the conspiracy bitching here is just fun for me. It amounts to LESS than a hill of beans. I've said it before, it's a character flaw of mine.
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    hunting strategy

    I would give advice but coming from someone who has eaten a buck tag for two years I don't think you should listen. I believe my night time buck pictures have given me false hope.
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    This is very relevant for today......

    Some realize that its a waste of time and precious life to dwell on things that they cannot and will not change. Live your life.
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    11/26 Roll Call

    Sat all day. Saw a small buck chase a doe around 1:00 then a few more does at 4:00. I'm beat. Sat all day twice and it wears me out. I'm skipping tomorrow. Back to the bow.
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    Oh my Drake. Surely you've heard of that nut job before. I've seen plenty of his videos. He's crazier than a ran over dog. Please don't tell me you've gone to the dark side of the Internet with the other dullards. And this "dying of covid at a greater number" is going around all of the...
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    I don't give it a second thought but they are sure living rent free in your brain. Who's the servant? Do you all just sit around thinking up ways to be pissed or worried?
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    UK basketball

    North Carolina went down and Tennessee has jumped on Kansas early. Seems like a strange year thus far. Hope the Cats can get straightened out.
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    Trash is easy to spot. Most know that without needing an explanation.
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    OK. :rolleyes:
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    Only according to the dullards. They can believe what they want....or what they are told.
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    Unfortunately I think we have a lot of those posting here. :(
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    No expertise needed to go out and about and see that all of these links posted ISN'T HAPPENNING. If you want me to decide then fine I'll do it but you don't have to be anywhere close to a brain surgeon to figure it out. And if you don't believe there are many on here swallowing all the BS on...
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    Well the problem with that in Kentucky is that, depending on the month, you'll either sleep 6,7 hours or 13.
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    The midday buck- movement theories

    Also believe once they bed pre-daylight they have to get up and move/feed midday. Hot doe in the area? The time of day doesn't matter. They will follow.

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