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  1. WILD

    Ruger American 308 Win for sale

    Na that did it,I was fixing to kick his neck off if he didn’t.
  2. WILD

    Ruger American 308 Win for sale

    You trade a snapper turtle for it..??
  3. WILD

    First for me

    Buddy of mine seen it also for the first time opening day.
  4. WILD

    Howa .308 HS precision w/Vortex viper

    400.00 for gun.
  5. WILD

    Remington 7mm-08

  6. WILD

    Coon Hunters Trespassing Last Night

    Coon hunting is the most annoying sport I have ever seen,if I need a dog pound (what it sounds like) to kill a coon then I would never do it,can’t stand a bunch of barking dogs,and plus they go we’re ever.. Most dumbest thing imo..smh.!!!
  7. WILD

    What Do You Do With Your Rifle

    I’m sure you have the heater on in truck so it doesn’t matter..just saying. Unless you have your own land and don’t get in a vehicle cause you are on a side by side,etc.
  8. WILD

    Proud papa!!!

    Congratulations,nice buck.
  9. WILD

    Info needed

    Maybe a mile if you can see that far,very powerful round.
  10. WILD

    Its turning on!

    Buddy at work this morning seen 2 bucks that were about 150 class fighting in a field,he watched for 20 minutes and had to leave.Said they were still at it when he left and they were fighting to kill it looked like,he said he never seen nothing like it.Also said there were four does just watching.
  11. WILD

    Jut Heard On Fox New That.....

    Guess people like high inflation,food shortages,high gas prices,high rent,and Homes being outrageous and buying oil from saudis and doing away with gas vehicles and what ever else…etc!!! What a joke.!!! Most of the same states as last time with trump can’t seem to get there numbers figured out...
  12. WILD

    Is there a forest fire?

    Seen on news this morning they have a couple fires down by there,said from cigarette.
  13. WILD


  14. WILD

    plumbing question

    Also turn your water on slow from you meter, turn it on fast can cause hammer effect and make your lines leak.
  15. WILD

    Opening weather for gun

    Just seen high 40 and 29 low for the morning.40% chance of light rain. Seems like be a good opening if so.
  16. WILD

    Youth killed 238 buck.
  17. WILD

    Looks like we got us a winner…

    What you do is you first have to find them hymalayin monster bucks,and the only way to do that is to find (him a Laying)in the road dead ,and then you tag him.that simple.
  18. WILD

    6th Sense in Whitetails?

    Put aluminum foil under your hat and they will never no your there..
  19. WILD

    Could be a bad winter.

    Think the knife is a extreme hot winter,fork is supposed to be mild and the a spoon is a bad winter.
  20. WILD

    Could be a bad winter.

    I seen were the news and the farmers almanac were predicting the same also.

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