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    Hang On treestands for sale

    I have 6 Hang On treestands for sale. They are homemade but solid and strong. Attaches to the tree with a chain & boom. Powdercoated flat green. Platform is 24" wide X 30" long. with seat. $45 each
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    Climbing sticks for sale

    I have 11 sets of climbing sticks for sale (with straps). 16' & some 20' $35 per set.
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    Beshear trying to take money from the fish & Game Department

    My son tells me Beshear is trying to take 5 million dollars from the fish and Game Department to fund the state goverment for the next 5 years. I think that's due a violent protest like everywhere else in the country. This guy's an idiot. That money doesn't belong to the state goverment.
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    Bowtech Admiral

    My son just bought a new bow, another Bowtech. His old bow is a Bowtech Admiral, 70#. it's about 9 - 10 years old. He almost threw it away. I told him there may be someone out there that can't afford one that would love to have it. So, anyone know of someone needing a bow? I'd like to help...
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    New guy

    Hello. New to the forum here. I'm from Extreme western KY and love to hunt.

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