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  1. baknblack

    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    I was thinking maybe guarding the chicken coup closer to the house, lol.
  2. baknblack

    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    One bad ass dog. Hope he recovers and gets an easier job.
  3. baknblack

    Posting video???

    I can see it without the app
  4. baknblack

    CVA Wolf

    This is what I bought. Never tried any others. It got me to a 2" group at 100 and that was good enough for me.
  5. baknblack

    CVA Wolf

    Blackhorn 209 and sabots is the only thing I could get any consistency with.
  6. baknblack

    Sightmark wraith on sale, worth it?

    I've been watching some reviews on YouTube. Looks like a good bang for the buck. Like any Chinese electronics I am sure some of them will have issues and, I think the light is probably a bit of a pain to get lined up. Taking everything into consideration I think I'm going to get one. The 2...
  7. baknblack

    hunting strategy

    Sounds very similar to my place. I need a blind that floats over the thick stuff so I can see in it. Too much of it to see it all. Helicopter would be a bit noisy.
  8. baknblack

    Buck in barn stall!

    I was going to hunt that farm in the pic I posted this year and the 89 year old woman that owned it died in early September and I didn't even ask her kids. Almost no woods at all just a few acres of scrub around a big lake in the back.
  9. baknblack

    hunting strategy

    I was only going to shoot a buck this year since I have a beef and soon a hog in the freezer. I only hunted the better weather days and the biggest buck I saw had antlers that I didn't see till I looked through the binoculars, lol. For me any buck that wasn't a baby would of been in freezer. I...
  10. baknblack

    hunting strategy

    How many fields can you see from where you hunt? If you have permission to use said fields put up some kind of blind where you can watch the edges. 2 years with no luck it's what I'd try.
  11. baknblack

    Buck in barn stall!

  12. baknblack

    Buck in barn stall!

    Pretty cool incident since no one got hurt. My neighbor I cut hay on always had one bedding in her barn. Every time I was working around the barn something would come out. Small buck or doe. Usually just 1 deer but once a doe had a small fawn with her. She came out and guarded the door to keep...
  13. baknblack

    How bad does it get before you give up on a piece of property?

    I've had the same problem myself. Some people bought the property behind me about 15 years ago. We're separated by a rather large holler. They brought in a dozer and proceeded to put in about 40 acres of food plots on a big long ridge. Since then I don't see near as many deer. This is the first...
  14. baknblack

    Kentucky medical marijuana legalization

    The last I bought was probably in the early 80s. If I recall it was running 80-100 back then. I've read the stuff they grow now is double to triple potent. I have someone in my immediate family that smokes a whole joint of the stuff at a time. I'd be curled up in the fetal position telling God...
  15. baknblack

    Joe Biden Says Buy Expensive Solar Panels If You’re Concerned About Freezing To Death This Winter

    25 to 30k to have enough power for an average home. That's if you shop for deals and do everything yourself. Double that if you have it done. I'll just round up my loose change and do it tomorrow. What a great idea Joe!
  16. baknblack

    Kentucky medical marijuana legalization

    My son uses one of the vape pens. He's a 2 tour Iraq vet. His PTSD was horrible. We were in home depot 3 or 4 years after he got out. Big crash and boom from the back of the store. I looked around and he was on the floor. He did not want to be out anywhere. He tried the VA doctors and their...
  17. baknblack

    Ky Utilities Question

    Possibly getting bought out and they're verifying accounts?
  18. baknblack

    Deer and a dead yote.

    When I shot the yote it was about 40 yards from me. I just left it lay there and nap. Anyway, about 2 hours later a spike walked right by it,stopped and smelled it, and was like dead yote and just kept walking by me. About a half hour later a doe comes on the same trail. She stopped and took a...
  19. baknblack

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Hauled 18 feeders and 2 cows to the stockyard for my 82 year old neighbor. He used to do it himself but, age makes it rough for him. He's talking about getting rid of all his cows once the next batch of calves get big enough. I can tell it's hard on him seeing his body starting to give out. I'll...

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