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  1. riverboss

    Range finders

    Looking for a new range finder one that will do 1000yrds most say they will but only go out so far on metallic objects. Need suggestions from personal experience.
  2. riverboss

    Its turning on!

    Should be a hell of a opening weekend friend hit 2 bucks this morning going to work hit a 11 point 100 yrds out of the driveway called the cops got everything squared away took off made it a mile down the road and one ran into the side of his truck! Went to town tonight and dodge 3 bucks in 20...
  3. riverboss

    Big 6

    Never seen one this big before locked down with a doe this morning couple hundred yrds from the road..
  4. riverboss

    Bore scope.

    If anyone has ever been wanting a good bore scope but price scared them off try one of these $55.00 on Amazon and man do they work! 20 caliber and up I got the one that works on a android phone then Beauhunter hooked me up on setting it up which was very simple.
  5. riverboss

    Shaker village quail hunt

    Any one else get something from fish and game about a quail hunt raffle?p
  6. riverboss

    Leupold sun shade 40 mm

    Looking for a 40 mm leupold sun shade.
  7. riverboss

    Anniversary gift

    Been married 37 yrs today and my wife got me a new scope for my rifle! Think I will keep her.
  8. riverboss

    Let the killing begin

    Got out this morning called in a group of 6! Killed 3 knocked another one down but couldn't find it in the tall grass. All males the one with the white tip tail was beautiful coming in his chest was almost solid white.
  9. riverboss

    Friendship indiana

    Anyone going to the big shoot this weekend?
  10. riverboss

    Dipped one for mr Pokt

    First over and under man it was a tough one! disassemble was a bear had me chewing my finger nails! Turned out awsome hope he likes it.
  11. riverboss

    Ky hunting

    What has the state of ky done with hunters money that has made a effect for the game animals in the last 10 yrs? The one buck rule has helped with bigger bucks but really what have they done? LBL doesn't even get much for crops they don't leave enough for wildlife, do they plant fields at...
  12. riverboss

    Barnes bullets

    Anyone have real experience with the Barnes ttsx bullets? I have never used the solid coppers but I think I'm going to be using them this yr and wondering how they perform.
  13. riverboss

    Dove opener

    Who's ready? Took Thursday off going to hopefully shoot a limit!
  14. riverboss

    Barrel lapping

    Anyone lapped a barrel? Specifically fire lapped one?
  15. riverboss

    Ground blinds

    Who make a good one big enough for 2 people that won't fade in a month and will last?
  16. riverboss

    Its coming

    You can smell it in the air this morning the weather has started shift! I can't wait for the heat to go away and pleasant temps to prevail, I put on some camo and went for a walk with my rifle it felt good not to be sweating. Who's ready for some refreshing sun rises?
  17. riverboss

    Shaker village deer hunt

    I got a notice on my phone today that the shaker village hunt is open for purchasing tickets, deadline is July 28th drawing is at 1pm.
  18. riverboss

    Dog proof traps

    Do they make a cooking device to set them? My hands are so broken up its all I can do to set one is there a trick to it? Going to trap some coons and possums this fall and need to get me a few.
  19. riverboss

    What if!

    Knowing what you know now what would you have picked for a carrier other than what you do now? I have worked on cars my entire life and have gotten to the point that I hate it! I think I would of loved being a homicide detective I love watching shows like the first 48 and lieutenant Joe Kendra...
  20. riverboss

    Rough fathers day.

    Been a rough day for me, I pray no one has to experience this pain, my wife got me this and it certainly does cut to the bone!

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