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  1. barney

    Walleye Tournament Cheaters

  2. barney

    January 6 hearings on prime time

    I can't wait until all the traitors are hanged.
  3. barney

    Johnny Cash
  4. barney

    President Trump's full CPAC speach

    If you want to watch it. Begins @ 30:00
  5. barney

    Garden 2021

    What's everyone's plans for this year? I'm gonna focus on growin and getting more green beans canned. I've never in my life canned blue lake green beans, but after Lady Hunter endorsed em with proof last year I'm gonna grow some to try! I also plan to continue putting maters in jars as well. I...
  6. barney

    Office of the President Elect

  7. barney

    Color Revolution

    I just recently heard the term "Color Revolution" associated with the turmoil of the last 4 years. So, I went down the rabbit hole a little deeper to see what I could find.
  8. barney

    Before and After: The election 2Q2Q video thread

  9. barney

    Need a score.

    Snapped this in a shed that mysteriously burned to the ground last night.
  10. barney

    My Lovely Brown Thrashers

    The male Thrashers, unlike Bluebirds are really aggressive and will put their own life at risk to protect their families. I got a video this morning of, Chuck puttin the scoots on a black snake. He put a stray cat on the run last week, and is constantly bustin' squirrels from daylight to dark.
  11. barney

    Deer tracks I found today

    Just wondering if they were buck or doe tracks. Thanks!
  12. barney

    Cutting Board

    I have never made a cutting board. So I glued up some scrap wood last week and made a couple. One is 13x21x1-3/8", and the other is 11x20x1-1/2".
  13. barney

    I love her long way

    About 370 yards away to be exact.
  14. barney


    Caught it in a modified springer with adjusted pan and increased tension on the torsion spring. Was hoping to catch enough for a pair of earmuffs this season, but the last few have been rubbed pretty bad this late in the season.
  15. barney

    Thursday Squeaker

    Hard to beat a grain of corn glued to the trigger pedal for bait.
  16. barney

    Anyone ever see one of these?

    I knew what it was as soon as I seen it, but it was the first I had ever saw in the wild. Quite elusive in nature.
  17. barney

    Uh oh..

    AG Bill Barr appointed, John Henry Durham to examine the Russian investigation. From what I've read, Mr Durham will look it over pretty good.
  18. barney

    KY Democratic primary

    Who's the winner? Sorry, but it ain't gonna be the tuff guy.
  19. barney

    Rosenstein, the rat resigned

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