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    Kansas going to one bird limit and draw for non -res

    read n another forum that KS commission voted on one bird limit and a draw for non-res . Not for '23 but effective spring '24. OUTFITTERS got it pushed back sayin g they had full reservation for '23 etc. Lotto politics between now and '24 so who knows.
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    What kind of shot string do you want in your duck load?

    This video is well worth a watch to help you figure out how your various duck load options perform as to the length of the shot string in your guns/shells. He has filmed shot strings with a camera that takes pics at 180,000 pics per second. The video using many brands and loads shows shot...
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    Very close to drowning (s)on the Cumberland.....

    Two folks darned lucky not to drown inthe Cumberland below wolf creek Saturday. Pretty sure I saw them go by me in the fog Saturday. This is the picture of their boat on Sunday someone sent me , but who had no facts about the wreck. I had no idea what had happened or anything’s about the...
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    Andy Barr nails Fed Chairman

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    If you like big smallies
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    Dramatic turkey season regs change in Tn for next year

    Gennerally-overview: -season April 15-May 28( about two weeks later than usual) -two birds, but only one Jake ( down from three birds this past year and four birds for decade prior) -no reaping on WMA -only one bird in certain WMA in parts of middle TN ( hello The Hunting Public) Some say this...
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    Some good news. Cousin in middle of state sent me a video of a hen with 7-9 poults there were more than a week old.
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    Bird flu and wild turkey article

    This is an intersting article about bird flu and wild turkey populations. While the info comes from western biologists it has long been my belief that some type of disease has had a lethal affect on on some areas that have had good turkey populations in the past 30 years. Make your own...
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    Chicago schools remove name of Daniel Boone elementary school. Rewriting history
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    Anyone see many of these in the spring woods anymore

    So many of them seem to have disappeared . From people digging them etc. Pretty spectacular show when I used to find patches while turkey hunting.
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    A poachers testimony and lament
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    Best Money KDFW could spend for turkeys

    Right here is the way to turn around any turkey declines
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    Predators already hitting the nests

    Turkey hens have already been laying in many areas , and the predators are are already finding nests and eating eggs.found this scouting earlier in the week. Never saw the nest just the egg. Studies by the Ga and La biologists show turkeys success rate from first nest production to hatched...
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    2.23.2022 It’s on right now

    Live:2.23.2022 Turkey Season. worth a watch. Go to that website. Great stuff
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    Did Ky pay THP to come into KY and promote public land turkey hunting in KY?

    Been reading where U tube turkey tycoons THP was paid by GA FW /tourism to come to Ga and film and promote public land turkey hunting. Apparently TN also paid them and other states as well. So has Ky paid them to create social media interest in coming to KY to spring turkey hunt/ or deer...
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    skunk removal options

    Yuk...the army worms apparently attracted skunks on my place to feast on the worms. Havahart and a 22 to the head? Small bowl of antifreeze? Shoot them out a window or door? Hire an exterminator or trapper? Im afraid every option will have a skunk spray in the yard that will not sit well...
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    Incredible ammo, weaponry, farm equip, metal-wood tooling, auction

    with the moderators permission I have posted an auction link in the CLASSIFiEDS below on the forum for a friend who is paralyzed. Merely helping his family/i have zero financial interest in this . I will say I have never seen things like this in a relatively local auction. Might want to take...
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    Most incredible weapon and ammo auction from one man

    With moderators permission I am posting this to help out a family. A friend of mine is paralyzed. He has accumulated an incredible amount of man toys,virtually unused and extensive farm equip, automated tripod Weaponry and ammo, highly collectible sidearms of every caliber , sporting guns...

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