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  1. hollandhunter

    Florida Turkey Hunt Guide?

    With turkey numbers still way down in my area. The wife and I have thought about traveling this spring to Florida and hunt. Does anyone have any advice or know of a good outfitter that would put us on some turkeys? She has never killed a turkey. Neither has my oldest daughter. An one thing on my...
  2. hollandhunter

    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    The wife an i both still have buck tags. It happens when you have high expectations. At this point in my life i would rather see my wife and family fill there tags over my own. With that said its far from over. An as many of you know i would rather bow hunt and black powder hunt then anything...
  3. hollandhunter

    Letting them pass

    I grew up hunting public land. Where a fork horn was the highlight of the season. It wasnt till i was grown and got private permission and enough income to buy my own land that i had good deer to hunt. So i feel your pain. An understand where your coming from. No dout some of us are just blessed...
  4. hollandhunter

    Letting them pass

    I forgot to add. I killed a 148 last yr. Would have made the 150 mark but had his tenth point mashed in velvet. I hunted him prolly 25 times before i killed him. An several of those encounters was less then 50 yards. The problem was he was always the last to come out and there would be eyes on...
  5. hollandhunter

    Letting them pass

    Yes sir. We are blessed with some great deer hunting ground. We seen a dozen bucks last nite. Seen two fights. 1 snort and wheeze. An seen a buck blow at another buck after he got whipped. No not all are 130 class deer for sure. Most arent. But yes we have seen several pushing those numbers. We...
  6. hollandhunter

    Letting them pass

    The wife and i have hunted hard all season every time we had the chance. We both work and have kids but we still find a way to the woods. She has been after a 150-160 class buck we have had on camera a long time. She has passed countless bucks some pushing 130s. I have always told her to shoot...
  7. hollandhunter

    Turkey are rutting

    I Use to hear them in the fall alot. Not any more. Heck i havent even seen one since july. Not even on game cameras.
  8. hollandhunter

    Mathews 2023

    I use to shoot 70-75lbs for years. Had a ol darton bow that was pushing 78lbs with 65 percebt let off. But father time eventually caught up with me. An after a few pulled muscles from drawing my bow on cold mornings after setting for hrs on end. I finally dialed it back a little. Im pulling 63...
  9. hollandhunter

    Big 8 on lock down

    I have seen this happen in the field a few times. One of the times i will never forget. A big busted rack 10 i was after before he broke his tines up bad. Had a doe bedded down in a tall bean field. She would bed down and then almost crawl away slowly and when she thought she had gotten far...
  10. hollandhunter

    Canned venison

    I have never actually canned it myself. But i ate some last yr from a friend ar church and it was really good. I was very surprised.
  11. hollandhunter

    Nov 19 Roll Call

    Morning hunt was slow. Seen a few does and a few small bucks. Nothing over 100inches. This afternoon once the wind calmed a bit it was pretty good. Seen 5 different bucks dogging the same doe at one time.The lead one was a 1 eyed 115-120range 8. Atleast 3 maybe 4. They put on a show. An my wife...
  12. hollandhunter

    Safety harnesses

    Pm sent
  13. hollandhunter

    Mathews 2023

    Yea me too. I go into each season wondering what the new year flag ships will be. I guess its also good they dont. Do to not only marketing and sells. But if all the new flag ships came out in august. The woods would be filled with guys who just went out and got the new latest and greatest...
  14. hollandhunter

    Mathews 2023

    You could be right. But who knows what drove them to that idea. I will say i couldnt feel any real vibration in any of there last several bows. My vxr is very crisp etc. The only real problem i have with it is the bow needs tuning and doesnt seem as consistant as older models. But then again it...
  15. hollandhunter

    HVAC Work

    I agree with everything you said. We have done some advertising. An its helped. But i live in a small time area. An i think most of my work comes from just word of mouth. An honestly i got all i can handle at the moment. I stay a week or two behind sometimes more. Thats the only complaint i have...
  16. hollandhunter

    HVAC Work

    Im doing good buddy. Thanks for asking. I dont come here as much as i use to. But i still check in from time to time. Company is going great. Working for the public has its ups and downs. You cant please everyone but i can sure try too. I have tons of work. An so far dont have any complaints...
  17. hollandhunter

    Mathews 2023

    Well its out. Phase4 in a 29inch and a 33inch axle to axle. Not very much difference from the last couple years. Dont look like i will be upgrading anytime soon.
  18. hollandhunter

    November 8 roll call

    Wife is hunting one of my spots. I have to work. Full moon and warm temps sure hasnt done us bow hunters any favors this week. Weekend looks steller though.
  19. hollandhunter

    Gutting Deer

    If i can load it with guts and its warm and its going straight to the cooler i leave them in. If its cold and i can let hang i will gut. Just depends.
  20. hollandhunter

    Crazy encounter

    They will act silly this time of year. An honestly from my expereince when they get that way they dont really care if your there or not. The biggest deer i ever killed look right up at me like f you and just kept going down his path with his nose to the ground trailing a doe. What he didnt know...

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