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  1. kyjohnky

    Cleaned up nicely

    I just start by skinning head out remover eyeballs and brain.Boil for a 1.5 hours on a low boil. I add small box of baking soda and a little clear dish liquid.Pull out and pressure wash and put in liquid peroxide 3% stuff for 24 hours.Try and avoid getting on horns.
  2. kyjohnky

    Cleaned up nicely

    Buck I recovered 2 days later unfortunately coyotes made short work of it.
  3. kyjohnky

    N O V. 2 0

    I’m in Nelson co looking for another doe and I’m done till Thursday or Friday.
  4. kyjohnky

    Nov 19 Roll Call

    Had a good hunt this morning and I didn’t pull the trigger.My nephew ask me to come set with him.So I went 10 minutes before 7 this morning had a decent 9 in the corn pile sending pics to his phone and right before good shooting light he walked off.Didn’t see anything till 7:40 this morning had...
  5. kyjohnky

    I gotta brag

    Sounds like you done a good job teaching him congrats.
  6. kyjohnky

    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    Me and my youngest daughter have a good hunt 11-16-22 she watched everything as it unfolded.This was the first time she was with me shooting a deer.
  7. kyjohnky

    Cold weather socks

    I bought a couple pairs of those darn tough wool socks.Last year when I was hunting a ladder stand I would wear cotton socks to stand take them off put in a ziplock bag and put wool socks on.My feet sweat bad and I found this helps.
  8. kyjohnky

    November 15th Roll Call

    Back in the blind in Nelson just looking for some does.
  9. kyjohnky

    November 15th Roll Call

    Around 40 hens so far haven’t seen a deer yet.
  10. kyjohnky

    November 15th Roll Call

    It It sucks glad I found him and hate the loss of meat.
  11. kyjohnky

    November 15th Roll Call

    Yessir first time not recovering the same day shot. I was just going to do a euro mount anyway.
  12. kyjohnky

    November 15th Roll Call

    Out in Nelson looking for does. I shot a buck Saturday at 11:30 and lost blood got with a landowner yesterday and recover my buck.Coyotes absolutely destroyed it,but skull and horns are fine.
  13. kyjohnky

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Out in Nelson co this morning,not going to lie glad I’m in a box blind this morning.Good luck and be safe.
  14. kyjohnky

    Mr Thick

    I had this deer at 30 yards last year during gun season and passed. I’m pretty sure same buck.
  15. kyjohnky

    Guns, and Ammo.

    AR 350 legend or CVA Cascade 300wm. I originally said I was going to park my 700 adl 30-06 but it’s a struggle to packed it since I was 14.
  16. kyjohnky

    Cell cam going crazy tonight

    That tall 9 right lol
  17. kyjohnky

    Cell cam going crazy tonight

    Dang now have to resize them lol
  18. kyjohnky

    Cell cam going crazy tonight

    No sir they doing it for me.

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