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  1. aaronc

    Another one, RIP Kirstie Alley

  2. aaronc

    Cocaine Bear 2023 movie

    Is this related to the story/book "The bluegrass conspiracy" ?
  3. aaronc

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Yeah,..I'm aware but it doesn't matter to me where they go. All but 1 I ever came across acted like a 9 year old with a badge.
  4. aaronc

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Almost all of the interaction I had with them was waterfowl hunting quit a few years ago. At that time there was one that I would call professional with a level attitude. All of the rest were basically tools. Best I can tell whoever didn't have the maturity level and common sense to be a trooper...
  5. aaronc

    The post anything thread

  6. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    I don't take offense to that.
  7. aaronc

    An excess of caution

    None of this should surprise anyone,..BG took down a bunch if not all of their confederate monuments over the past several years. Not sure what is left.
  8. aaronc

    Another Coyote Attack

    I consider them LA yotes (or whatever city) for lack of a better term an "Urban yote". Neighborhoods are their forest and their hunting ground....they have grown extra comfortable living among people.
  9. aaronc

    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    I know a fella that has 2, of them caught a bobcat out in an open field...the other was right behind it and basically they tore the cat apart into pieces.
  10. aaronc


    The schools can hold their own with the crooks in DC and healthcare,...they're all in a buncha chit together. It's the same game....find a large group of payers,..staff,..students...tap into them in some way faking their own relevence...and bleed'em out. It's a parasite's existence...
  11. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    All I know is.....If Im'a goin to hell...Im'a goin there playin the pianah 🤪
  12. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    Once again I was dead wrong...I thought KHN was media for the anti-social. I've been in the wrong place the whole time 😁
  13. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    I'll consider it an education. I never really considered this social media but I guess it is a form of it. I dunno...apparently I ain't no good at it.
  14. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    All I was wanting to do was to recall some crazy Jerry Lee Lewis went to shat quick :rolleyes:
  15. aaronc

    The post anything thread
  16. aaronc

    The post anything thread
  17. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    I agree,..and it's why I quit sending the crooked bastards up there.
  18. aaronc

    Trump is done.

    R's are a joke. What comprehensive plan do they have for taxes?,..helathcare?,...the national debt? they got the balls to finish the wall? me a difference in my check. A BIG difference...this stuff ain't hard, they're just incompetent.
  19. aaronc

    Way to go Zesta/Kelloggs

  20. aaronc

    Who says there's no justice?

    Haha,..I was posting before I read yours.

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