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    Stupid Deer

    Everyone always talks about how smart/cunning deer are. I've seen behavior that leads me to believe that some deer would vote for democrats. Any of y'all have stories about stupid deer?
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    Casey County

    It's about a week early for full color, but my wife and I made the trip to Casey county yesterday in my vintage Jeep that I bought new in '94. Love going down there in the fall. We hit Laverne's Market for a ginormous pumpkin ($5.00) and a couple of gallons of apple cider ($6.00). Went over...
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    Increasing Deaths - Due to Covid lockdowns?

    Some of the medical consequences of lockdowns are finally becoming evident. While increasing deaths due to delaying treatment were predictable, I'm surprised at how big the number is in Britain and I'm wondering if excess deaths in the US are perhaps being hidden by the CDC and the press. We...
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    Biden Extends Public Health Emergency

    It was announced last week that the Biden administration has extended the Public Health Emergency - due to Covid - until mid-October. This is a big deal since it will allow the Feds to continue to funnel excessive (bogus) funding to cities and states that have shown zero fiscal responsibility...
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    Prayer of Thanks

    My wife had to go in for a cardiac cath last week. She has a family history of heart disease and her doc ran some preliminary tests and the results were very concerning. I believed things would be okay - even if she had to have a stent or bypass operation - but I really hated for her to miss...
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    Holodomor - Why the Ukrainians will fight to the death

    Stalin in his quest for collective farms began taking farms from people in the Ukraine in the 1930s. Those who resisted were sent to labor camps. The collective farms - just like all socialist/communist initiatives - were a disaster and crop yields were extremely low. Stalin sent in troops to...
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    Vacation Ideas for 2022

    My wife and I (mid 60s) haven't decided on a vacation trip for this summer/fall. I've been wanting to make a road trip out west to Rapid City, SD....but I don't think we will do that this year. Given the price of gas - and my increasing anxiety about driving long distances - I've been thinking...
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    Make sure your buck gets a jab....and keep your mask on while hunting just in case
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    Yellowstone - Who Dies in the Final Show?

    You know someone is not gonna make it to next year. I'm betting that either Jimmy or one of his two girlfriends doesn't survive. I don't think the odds are too good for Garrett Randall (Jamie's biological father) making it to next season either. And, based on something he said in the last...
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    Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix

    I found this series a couple of weeks ago and I finished watching the first season last night. I've enjoyed watching Formula 1 races (they don't stop racing when it rains AND there are no commercials during the races) over the past six months or so but I didn't really know anything about the...
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    Red River Gorge

    Took a day off work and farming today to drive over to the Red River Gorge with my wife. We had lunch in Lexington, then we drove to Campton on the Mountain Parkway, then headed north on 15 to 715 and drove 715 around the park and through the Nada tunnel to Slade. It was a dead solid perfect...
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    Wyden's Plan - Let's see how much support he gets from fellow democrats

    Wyden is a democrat from Oregon who chairs the Senate Finance Committee. He introduced a measure yesterday that would tax only those who have assets of over $1 billion or income of over $100 million for three years in a row. A tax that will - initially - impact only the super rich. The...
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    Kentucky Defense vs. Penn State in 76 and 77

    Crazy what you can find on YouTube. This video shows the defensive highlights of the games against Penn State in 76 and 77 but - unfortunately - it isn't Cawood on the call. For the old-timers out there, this video will bring back some memories....
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    9/11 Heroes Story that I Didn't Know

    A story of heroes that the MSM didn't report.
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    From George Carlin - circa 1975

    Today, scientists announced that they have discovered a new disease that has no symptoms. There is no way to diagnose it, and there is no known cure. The good news is, there have been no reported cases.
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    Cancelled Trip Policy

    For those of you who hunt out west.... A good friend of mine - same guy who won't buy a fishing license - has planned his first trip out west to hunt mule deer with his son. His son is a Blackhawk pilot in the Army Reserve. His son is concerned that he may get called-up and not be available...
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    Do I Need a Fishing License?

    Got into a discussion with a good friend earlier this week around when a fishing license is required in KY. We disagreed on a couple of points. Can anyone tell me if you need a fishing license to: 1. Fish in a farm pond on your farm. 2. Fish in a creek that runs through a farm you own. 3...
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    Another Reason to Like Pole Saws

    I've posted before about how surprised I've been with how much I like my Stihl pole saw. I found another reason this weekend. I got into some sort of poison vine cleaning out some fence rows. But I only have three small swipes on my left arm. I'm sure that if I'd been wading through the...
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    Be Careful Out There....

    Is it just me, or are there a LOT more Troopers running radar these days? I've seen more people stopped in Shelby and Anderson counties over the past two weeks than I've seen stopped in the last six months. And that doesn't include the stops on 151 for STAA trucks that try to sneak through.
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    Student Loan Robo Call

    I got a Robo call yesterday telling me that I'm eligible to apply for a Federal Student loan. I was urged to call now in order to be eligible for Federal forgiveness of the loan. I'm 64. Now this call was probably some sort of scam, but I'm sure that people are out there applying for student...

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