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  1. 1badDart

    Game Camera Tips

    My first game camera will be here tomorrow, a Bushnell Aggressor No Glow. Does anyone have any tips or do's and don'ts? Thanks.
  2. 1badDart

    A good afternoon!

    My brother has planted hay beans in the bottoms behind my shop, so I've been watching for whistle pigs. I saw one earlier in the week but couldn't get the gun out before he got in the hole. Yesterday while mowing I spotted one, I had to move my bench and get the rifle out, again something...
  3. 1badDart

    My longest groundhog shot, so far

    Yesterday I made my longest shot on a groundhog so far, 446 yards. My previous was 416 earlier this spring. I've also killed them at 360 and 400 this spring. My rifle is a 22-250 Savage Model 12FVSS in a Stockade Elk Stalker stock with a Leupold VX3 6.5-20 with a varmint hunter reticle. I load...
  4. 1badDart

    Don't forget to vote today

    Guys get out and vote today. Voting is one of our greatest freedoms.
  5. 1badDart

    Quiet Crossbow

    Is there a reasonably priced quiet crossbow? I have a Barnett Jackal and it sounds like slapping two 2 x 4s together. Since having shoulder surgery three years ago I can no longer shoot my bows so I bought a crossbow. It's not as much fun to shoot as a bow but it is what it is and I'll make the...
  6. 1badDart

    A Good Start

    23 lbs, 13 oz, 10 3/4" beard and 1" and 1 3/16" spurs, killed him about 6:20.
  7. 1badDart

    FIrst groundhog of the year

    Second groundhog of the year Killed my first groundhog of the year Sunday, 414 yards. I missed one at about 375 on friday, misjudged the wind.
  8. 1badDart

    The Brackets Are Out

    I'm curious why UK and U of L are in the same region most of the time? And they are always in with Duke or NC, who are never in the same region. The west region is going to be tough with three of the four teams being final four teams from last year. Go Cards!
  9. 1badDart

    The Killing Has Begun

    Sparrows that is, the little suckers try to nest in my Bluebird boxes every year. Every year I kill about a dozen before they decide to try somewhere else.
  10. 1badDart

    Game camera ??

    Is there a game camera that is undetectable at night? I need something that can take photos ant night without being seen. Trying to catch gas thieves.

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