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  1. 1badDart

    Creedmore cringe

    If shot placement was good, it was poor bullet selection. The 6.5 CM is a very good cartridge, no better at killing than any other capable cartridge though. The 6.5 CM was designed by Hornady as a long range target cartridge, it's designed to be efficient and take advantage of high BC .264...
  2. 1badDart

    Need a Lab puppy

    Roger Freeman is who I used, Calvert City Animal Hospital. I'm not sure Roger is still working though.
  3. 1badDart

    Slow Taxedrmist

    Exactly! This holds true no matter what service is being offered.
  4. 1badDart

    Close call

    It appears he was more concerned about keeping the cat in the video than shot placement. He was lucky IMHO.
  5. 1badDart

    Slow Taxedrmist

    I'd go talk to the guy and see what's going on. Also, I have never fully paid when dropping an animal off, a deposit, yes.
  6. 1badDart

    Close call

    That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Even after the two missed shots the cat wasn't scared. I too would've fired sooner.
  7. 1badDart

    Would you shoot this 4 pointer?

    I killed this 6 pointer last year, 21 1/4" inside.
  8. 1badDart

    CAT SHIELD !!!

    Great job! You should be able to put them out of the publics misery if you catch them!
  9. 1badDart

    London Little Leaguers

    Good luck.
  10. 1badDart

    Garden 2022

    I picked three five gallon buckets of silver queen yesterday, which really surprises me. I gave my brother and sister probably three dozen ears, kept eight out to grille, the rest I cut off the cob and this morning I cooked it down, so it'll be ready to freeze when it cools off. It was planted...
  11. 1badDart

    Garden 2022

    I have my first garden in probably 10 years this year, it was really late due to weather, work and vacation. My first planting of Silver Queen is making silks, the second planting is about knee high, so I put urea on it a couple days ago. I have a couple rows of KY Wonder green beans, but after...
  12. 1badDart

    Found a "SHED" Today.

    Many years ago we found one like that cutting hay, it went in and split the sidewall. Our tire guy had to vulcanize a boot in it to save the tire
  13. 1badDart

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    What turkeys we have are in scattered pockets. The places I used to kill turkeys have none, not even any sign there for years. One of the farms I hunt had two gobblers taken this year, there was another one there, but I didn't hunt him. I'd watched him enough I think I could've killed him, but I...
  14. 1badDart

    What's everyone packing this year

    A LH Savage mdl 10 that I screwed a SS Shilen Select Match 24" 260 Remington barrel on, Leupold 4.5-14 with B&C reticle.
  15. 1badDart

    Pickled eggs!

    I haven't made any since 14. These had habanero peppers in them and had some bite when you ate them but would warm you up at the end of the digestive cycle. LOL
  16. 1badDart

    Population opinion after hunting

    Two years ago I was hunting a large pasture field that was fescue and patches of sage grass. There were turkeys on top of one of the hills in the field. I watched a coyote sneak around a hill in and out of the sage grass to try to catch a turkey. He was unsuccessful as the turkeys flew up in...
  17. 1badDart

    Population opinion after hunting

    I hunted opening weekend and Monday and killed two birds, one Saturday and the other on Monday. Sunday I worked a bird and had him within 60 yards but he hung up. Having said that I did a lot of scouting and many of the places I've killed birds in the past had no birds. My brother has a small...
  18. 1badDart

    Best time of day to call coyotes?

    If the guy is hunting with a legal method more power to him. I'd be willing to bet his dogs don't run deer, anyone that I ever knew that had good dogs didn't tolerate it long. When I was young my brother and I had some pretty good rabbit hounds and more than one had to be persuaded to not chase...
  19. 1badDart

    Need help : Turkey Gun Setup

    The best thing I did to my 870 SM was sell it. Then I bought a 1187 Special Purpose in 20 gauge. The 20 with Federal Heavyweight #7's has killed well past 50 yards. Also it's about two pounds lighter empty than the 870. Full disclosure, the main reason for the 20 gauge was that I had shoulder...
  20. 1badDart

    "Why do you carry a knife"???

    I've been carrying a pocket knife since I was 5 years old, 54 years. Wow, that makes me feel old! It's a tool, growing up on a farm a knife was a must have. For the last 30 or so years I've been carrying a 350 German Eye stockman's. Great knives that don't get dull in your pocket.

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