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    Dogs Chasing Deer

    Oh, for God's sake, just stop!!!
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    WTB 243 brass

    You're welcome.
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    I believe we'll be putting some on the ground here in Nelson County. Good luck, everyone. Be safe, and wear your harness if you're off the ground.
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    .350 Legend?

    Dead is dead, OP. If it will kill a deer in Michigan, it will kill them in KY. I don't have one, but I've heard good reports from those who do. Other than the fact that your effective range is about 200 yards or so, you're good to go.
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    Opening weather for gun

    Plus, you can put a couch in the blind. Why do you think they're called "doghouse" blinds? 😉
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    Opening weather for gun

    Went out last night to check trail cams. It is very dry, there will be no sneaking into our stands Saturday morning. But once in the stands, you are going to hear every critter moving for half a mile around you.
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    Opening weather for gun

    That's not the rut we're talking about, bro.
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    Safety harnesses

    Thanks for the plug, friend. I have 2 left to sell.
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    Gun hunting the rut

    Having grown up hunting in Ohio, I wish they would make their season more like Kentucky's. - Open on a Saturday, instead of Monday. - Gun season during the rut, if possible. - 2 week gun season. They've definitely improved things by allowing the straight-wall rifle cartridges. That's a step...
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    Another senseless treestand death

    And why were there lawsuits??? Because the stand broke and someone got hurt. Or someone slipped climbing the ladder. Or whatever. It's a flimsy metal contraption held to a tree by a couple of straps. Easy to see why there's risk involved.
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    Anybody, tried this, rack enhancer mineral?

    Different kind of rack. 😉
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    Bore scope.

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    Another senseless treestand death

    We have about 10 ladders on the property. We leave them out all year, but they are all checked before the season, and straps changed every couple years. Cheap insurance. Also, we put out lifelines on every stand. Also cheap insurance.
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    Another senseless treestand death

    You wouldn't be the first to die from a broken ratchet strap or ladder that comes apart, etc. The manufacturers don't trust their own products enough to tell you not to wear the harness that they include in the box.
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    Another senseless treestand death

    Let's be clear: There's nothing accidental about it, unless you also count Russian Roulette as an "accident."
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    That's very true. Just last fall, I was in my stand on the first Monday of the season. About mid-morning I heard a commotion in the bottom below me, and two does came up out of there moving fast. I swung on them, but they didn't even slow enough to take a shot thru the trees. They hadn't been...
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    Safety harnesses

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    What’s happened to Taylorsville WMA?

    Ohio is not half the cost of KY. Ohio nonresident license is $180.96, and deer tag is $76.96. So that's roughly $250 for one deer. You want to shoot another, pay another $76.96. Whereas the KY tag is good for up to 4 deer, depending on the zone. If you figure on shooting 2 deer in each state...
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    Guns, and Ammo.

    I've taken several with my X7 .243, including a real nice 10pt last fall.