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  1. JR in KY

    Another Coyote Attack

    A little Child this time.,hp1bt Coyotes are getting Brazen. They are very Brazen At nighttine son and I had one Growl at us one night years ago. One fella at...
  2. JR in KY

    Dog kills 8 Coyotes

    Looks like a Great Pyrenees...guarding a herd of sheep. Interesting story.,hp1bt
  3. JR in KY

    National IQ Test

    A national IQ Test will be held Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8.. Don't Forget.
  4. JR in KY

    Gotta Be Riverboss in there

    Not sure which one he is but @riverboss just has to be one of these guys.
  5. JR in KY

    Great AR 15 deal

    Bear Cteek Arsenal is selling these ones cheap. I have never bought anything from them that I wasn't satisfied with.
  6. JR in KY

    Look at this Tap Root

    Our friend @aaronc came to visit me this morning and left with 3 Hickory Seedlings (The Baseball Size Nuts) and we picked up about 25 large nuts for planting also. One tree had around 75 nuts on it this year and the Squirrels got several....2 Squirrels were KIA in the highway coming to the...
  7. JR in KY

    NEW. "Souped Up" China Virus.

    A new strain of the Democrat Virus has been Developed combining the Worst properties of Omicron and Wuhan.,hp1bt
  8. JR in KY

    A "Good" Bear

    My friend in Oklahoma killed a nice Bear yesterday. He is hunting in New Mexico and also got a large bull Elk...a 7 X 7 but I don't have a good photo of it...was after dark when they loaded it. He is an Outfitter and One of his clients shot another Bull Elk this morning and they were waiting...
  9. JR in KY

    Stolen Election

    Nope not the Trump/Biden election the 2018 Georgia Goubenor election. Lardass Stacey Abrams is still crying she was Robbed in the last election. You can't even suggest that Trumps election was Stolen. You can only claim That if you are a Democrat. This woman says so also..... So does This...
  10. JR in KY

    Rats Can't Leave Anything Alone,hp1r Recently an Officer was Relieved, Reprimanded and Discharged with a general discharge for saying: "There are Only 2 Genders." Our military has been Totally WOKE About...
  11. JR in KY

    Hickory Nuts

    They are dropping and the Damsquirrels are sitting there waiting for them. I see a lot of hulls with the nut already gone. Someone Questioned the size of these nuts a few months back. The world renounded Expert @barney agreed with me. Thanks buddy. Here is one I picked up this morning...
  12. JR in KY

    Getting Things Ready

    I made about a Dozen Coyote snares today, Reusing the CamLocks and the End Loops from years before. I have been seeing trails through grass already and the chill in the Night Air will get them rolling. Now I probably will spray a bit of flat black or flat green camo pain on them and...
  13. JR in KY

    Creed Fisher Show Report

    General Admission, Standing Room Only. NO seats in the Old Barn Theater. I don't know what the attendance was but it was tickets were in the 440s so I would guess maybe 700. Big Rowdy Crowd but well behaved. Creed does a really Patriotic show and honors the Military, Police and First...
  14. JR in KY

    Country Music Before it All Went to Sh**

    Creed Fisher at Renfro Valley OLD Barn Friday night. General Admission seating or standing. Gonna be a gooden.
  15. JR in KY

    What's Wrong with our Military?
  16. JR in KY

    Colorado Mulie Deer

    My good friend lives and works on a ranch in Colorado. Alamosa area. They let some folks Hunt for a Fee. This guy was from New York and killed this one with a Bow today or yesterday. Also the guide kill 2 big Rattlesnakes...I posted on of them yesterday on maybe Photo thread.
  17. JR in KY

    The ATF is a Criminal Organisation

    What they did to Randy Weaver, they will gladly do to you and I. They like to make an "Example" out of someone, to scare and intimidate the rest of the people. I met Randy Weaver at a gun show once and the SOBs were there "watching" him. It's been 30 years...
  18. JR in KY

    Tire Repair

    My oldest son does a lot of Off Roading with his CanAm Renegade and Punctures a few Tires. He got a bad sidewall puncture and put some Plugs in it to get out of the Woods. . He ordered some stuff off Ebay that you Mix and Daub On. He let it Cure Overnight and put it back on his CanAm and...
  19. JR in KY

    Wanna Make "Big Boy" Money??

    You gotta Do some "Big Boy" shit. 2 of them up there.
  20. JR in KY

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    I suppose he is looking too good in the 2024 Polls.,hp1bt