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  1. Carl

    Griner released with prisoner swap

    Good one FR
  2. Carl

    White turkey

    Is it albino with pink eyes?
  3. Carl

    Trump is done.

    I wish I was 40 years younger.
  4. Carl

    Way to go Zesta/Kelloggs

    My wife bought me a banquet chicken fried steak meal the other day and the steak was half the size that they were a few months ago and it tasted like crap.
  5. Carl

    This looks like fun

    This could be very useful
  6. Carl

    Trump is done.

    And all because, unlike our forefathers we are cowards and will not use the 2nd amendment rights they gave us. We should start at the top and work our way to the bottom. Drain the swamp. This is the only way it will ever be drained. It could be done.(think about it)! You cannot win a war if...
  7. Carl

    This looks like fun

    He's not coming this year.
  8. Carl

    This looks like fun
  9. Carl

    QDM (Quite Deer Management)

  10. Carl

    QDM (Quite Deer Management)

  11. Carl

    QDM (Quite Deer Management)

    The new ones are powerful. You don't don't need primers or powder. They are very accurate. With a silencer, no paper work, they are quiet. Airguns are not considered a firearm by the ATF.
  12. Carl

    QDM (Quite Deer Management)

    Air guns rule.
  13. Carl


  14. Carl

    The commies are at it again.

    Turn in your hunting equipment. Sure!!
  15. Carl

    Full auto BB gun

    That would be like shooting the old BB machine guns at the carnival. You could probably take a carbon fiber HPA air tank and the right regulator and shoot all day long with air.
  16. Carl

    Full auto BB gun

    Is it like this one?
  17. Carl

    Another Test

  18. Carl

    Another Test
  19. Carl

    Knife sharpening suggestions

    Good video

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