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    Personal Property Estate Auction

    This is the state auction for my Dad’s personal property. He took excellent care of his stuff so I wanted to share this opportunity with you folks here. BTW, I'm finally learning a bit about summer fishing here as I had only fished previously during the winter months. Here's a decent Red I...
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    Leatherman Multi Tool & Old Timer Knife NIB $45 For Both "SOLD"

    Hi guys, I unpacked these and thought someone here may be interested. I hope all of you are doing well and I'm slowly adjusting to living in South FL. I'm downsizing and found these in some of my "collectibles." Leatherman "Original" Multi Tool Old Timer 330T Pocketknife Both new in the box...
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    Many Thanks….It Has Been A Pleasure

    As many of you know we have been downsizing and minimizing here for the last few years. Over those years I have met many of you and many of you have bought items for me as I was clearing everything out. It has been a pleasure and an honor to meet each and everyone of you and I hope you enjoy...
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    Please Delete Thanks

    Over 300! PayPal accepted $50 for all picked up in Crestwood $70 for all with shipping! Jig Heads, Football Jigs, Slider Heads, Drop Shot Sinkers, etc. 1/8 ounce to 1/2 ounce Most of these were custom poured for me when I was fishing tournaments. They are excellent and the hooks on these...
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    Acreage For Sale........Henry County......New Price!

    I have this beautiful acreage tract of land for sale in Henry County.
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    Milwaukee Brand Appliance Dolly & Two Wheel Dolly $50 For Both SOLD

    Sold Both are in excellent working condition, Milwaukee brand. 250 pound capacity two wheel dolly 700 pound capacity appliance dolly [email protected]
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    Complete Yakima Roof Rack System...$75. SOLD

    This complete set is well over $200 new. Complete Yakima roof rack system includes (4) Towers, clips, protective pads for automobile top, and (2) 4' cross bars. $95 These were on a 2014 Nissan Altima. Please check the Yakima site to see if the Q clips will cross reference to your vehicle. If...
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    .45 ACP Ammo Federal American Eagle $35 Per Box..Back Available

    I'm still not seeing these available online and are showing out of stock at least where I looked. A buyer on here had committed to buy these but evidently had a change of mind. 10 brand new boxes @ $35 per box for all 10 boxes picked up in Crestwood. [email protected]
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    SOLD Crappie, Panfish Tackle Bargain Grab

    Grab this before it's gone! I'm offering this package here today for you guys before I advertise them on CL and Marketplace. Zebco Underspin Reel (2) West Point Crappie Rods 12’ (Basically brand new) (1) Bucks Jig Rod 10’ (1) 10’ Telescoping rod A zillion Misc jigs, tubes, tube jigs...
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    SOLD......Contractor's Tools

    All are spoken for pending payment. Werner 20' Extension Ladder.....$65 Werner 4' Step Ladder.....$35 HDX 24" Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters (New with tag still attached)......$35 Jackson M6 Concrete Wheelbarrow........$65 Picked up in Crestwood [email protected]
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    SOLD.....Paslode Pneumatic Framing Nailer

    Sold Pending Funds Excellent condition, complete with carrying case, almost two boxes of nails. $125 Picked up in Crestwood [email protected]
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    SOLD...Canoe/ Kayak Accessory Package

    SOLD I want to offer this here to the forum members before I take photos and advertise on CL and Marketplace. I sold my kayak and have a ton of items I’m clearing out. There will be more than this list as I haven’t gone through everything yet but here is a brief overview. Railblaza Flag...
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    SOLD.American Forge and Foundry 3 Ton Floor Jack

    Sold Pending Funds Heavy duty, double pumper, professional quality floor jack.** **Check the prices of these online! One owner in excellent condition. $175 picked up in Crestwood. **I am also including free a small 2 ton hydraulic jack and four Jack stands. [email protected]

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