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    Prayers for T-bone

    Lifting T-bone up and the family and crew! God is awesome and nothing is impossible for with Him!
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    Chuck Adams World Record Sitka Blacktail

    Living legend! I rank him 2nd only to Fred Bear! Greatest living bow hunter no doubt! Congratulations To Chuck Adams!
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    Perfect Opening Day

    Nice buck,congratulations! Time does pass way to fast. Just went on my final hunt with my Dad in Kentucky! He is 78 and just cannot walk well enough to hunt anymore. We had 15 great years hunting Kentucky together! I am grateful and thankful to still have him to talk to but hunting will never be...
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    UK vs UGA

    Got much respect for UK! Georgia has way to much talent!
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    Wisest words one could possibly express at this time!
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    First gun laws

    Go to USA Watchdog and watch the end of America with Alex Newman. It might just give you a little hope and perspective!
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    Cousin killed a Booner! Updated to include green score

    Very nice! Congratulations!
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    Election coverage?

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    Any Saddle Hunters on Here?

    Well I jumped into this last year. I bought a kestrel flex and some wild edge steps. It is still hard for me to trust a rope and face the tree. It’s comfortable to sit in but I can’t get up a tree fast enough for my liking. I just bought a Lone Wolf sit and climb. I like it better! Not saying I...
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    Late season Ohio Buck - Public Land

    Winning so much your going to be sick of winning..... nice buck
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    Merry Christmas

    May you all know the love and peace of God this Christmas! Merry Christmas to all...
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    Congratulations on a hoss...

    Congratulations on a hoss...
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    That is one big deer. Did he come from eastern Ky?

    That is one big deer. Did he come from eastern Ky?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

    I read a sign on a church marquee the other day. It read “if you want to be rich, start by counting your blessings”. How true ..... Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Overall opinion of 2019 rifle season.

    I hunt mainly SEKy and it was tough hunting. We saw very few deer and very little deer sign! Young bucks were aplenty. It hard to figure...
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    Tree Saddles

    I am using wild edge steps because they pack really well and I am also using an aider. I bought a molle frame with straps to carry the steps, platform and sometimes I carry my saddle. Works great!
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    Tree Saddles

    A platform will help or a ring of steps! For gun hunting I couldn’t think of a better way to shoot with a tree for a brace! I have the Out on a limb Ridgerunner platform . I am so tired of carrying loc ons and climbers. I have some kinks to workout yet but I am getting closer.. Best of luck.
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    Tree Saddles

    It is an optional accessory for the flex and the mantis has one as well. It is a band that you can attach to your bridge that is adjustable by Prussic knots. It’s like sitting in a lounge chair when you get it adjusted just right!
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    Tree Saddles

    Oh nearly forgot I also got the back band for my saddle! Well worth the money....
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    Tree Saddles

    I have bought the kestrel flex by aero hunter! This is my first year trying it and it s definitely different to a loc on or climber! I actually feel safer in the saddle because I am 100% attached to the tree from the ground up! It’s lightweight but is very well made! I use wild edge steps and an...

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