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  1. GSP

    HELP! Any suggestions? Hubby backed the tractor (tiller still running) into a fence.

    I hit a set of old bed springs that someone had buried with a tiller. I had about the same mess as you have except it was spring steel involved. All you need is time, patience, good wire cutters, linesman pliers, band-aids, some cussing, bleeding, alcohol, replacement skin for knuckles and...
  2. GSP

    Homelite 10520 20" 46cc chainsaw issues

    I would take the carb off and spray it down with carb cleaner for starters. You might get lucky. Worst case is you are out $2
  3. GSP

    Tractor Ideas and Opinions

    Your best bet is first find out who and where the person that will repair whatever you buy is located. I would rather have a old Ford 2000 if there is somebody 5 miles away that can take care of getting it running, swap clutch or repair the hydros on it than a new green JD with the nearest...
  4. GSP

    have to dig new waterline: ditch Witch vs small escavator

    Contractor........................ I've dug many miles of ditches and started doing the same as you are a few years back at the farm. A local guy gave me a price of $250 to open, close, provide 120' pipe and hook it up. I couldn't touch it at that price AND he was in/out in 1/2 day. Talk to the...
  5. GSP

    Anyone know what kind of snake this is?

    Looks like a worm snake
  6. GSP

    Be aware if you hunt public land

    There are restrictions already in place on trappers and size/style of traps. 330 Conibears must be submerged. You cannot use them on land. As for the statement you made, "I honestly don't believe that trapping should be allowed where it's likely that dogs will be run "???? Trappers paid...
  7. GSP

    Piles of stacked rock

    What he said. They are everywhere in E KY. The ones on my farm were piled by dad and G-pa in the 30's. They farmed the hillsides, not (what little) bottom land due to flooding and lack of drainage. Corn was grown on hills you can barely climb.
  8. GSP

    Potential state record bow kill?

    and the ironic part is there are Commissioner tags bought for less than the I-phones and connections people are using to bash him. But you gotta have your priorities, right?
  9. GSP

    Hunters for the Hungry

    At least he is coming around. Now he shoots does too.
  10. GSP

    Caption This for Thankgiving

    Corn in, corn out
  11. GSP

    Hunting boots for wide feet.

    Me & Handgunner were in the U.P. 2 weeks ago and went to a super secret spot that never gets hit. I saw a boot print while dropping dogs out of truck and say, "Looks like someone has been here". "Look at that sasquatch looking boot print"! He looks it over and says...... uh....that's yours.
  12. GSP

    Bass Pro might buy out Cabela's

    Dad nabbit!!!! I just had a pile of Murphy Fork Doe Killin' Pro Staffer shirts made up!!!!!! $75 bucks!!!!
  13. GSP

    Finished kayak tackle crate.

    How did you flair out the ends?
  14. GSP

    Finished kayak tackle crate.

    What you use to remove the paint on PVC?
  15. GSP

    Selling Turtles?

    Better hope you don't get caught
  16. GSP

    Taking the painted numbers/letters off of PVC pipe?

    Pipe cleaner will remove it
  17. GSP

    Why do people not field dress their deer?

    I have not gutted a deer in years. I only hunt my farm so I can take them straight to the house, skin, bone out, small slit to get loins and keep the mess inside. No need to gut.
  18. GSP

    posted signs

    The guy that bought the farm that backs up to me put up POSTED signs every 30-40'. He used the tape type in bright yellow. My only issue was he crossed the fence and put them on trees about 30 yds over on MY property.
  19. GSP

    Your last meal ?

    pentail's leftovers. Like either one of these things would happen.

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