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  1. bigpuddin43

    UK basketball

    what happened at halftime? One coach made adjustments and put more pressure on the ball that resulted in turnovers and points. the other coach kept collins on the bench that had as many points in 7 minutes as oscar did in 30. one adjustment worked the other did not.
  2. bigpuddin43

    Making improvements!!

    check with your local NRCS office on cost share to help with the work.
  3. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    pressure is what kills us. the birds require a safe place to roost as we dont have any refuges around. 4 years ago guys leased the roost in one area I hunt. used to be my best spot we would routinely kill 40-50 ducks a year off that place no matter the weather. but once they started hunting...
  4. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    I personally believe that no till has stopped as many birds as refuges. before no till every field in the midwest was tilled under every fall. now all that food lays there for the taking and the only time we get a sizeable migration outside of the early birds is if we have measurable snowfall...
  5. bigpuddin43

    Failed War on Drugs.

    kids today don't know what it feels like to fail. they have been coddled thru high school they get out in the world to figure out it doesn't revolve around them. by then they have no idea how to handle things when life isn't going their way. thus they turn to a chemical high to make them feel...
  6. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    also I would love to see similar data done in central ky where we have roosts that isnt loaded with food. i think you would see that a rest area that isnt loaded with food will hold the birds long term as long as they have that rest area but the birds will fly out to feed more often than they...
  7. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    this data shows why shooting roosts in central ky is slowly killing our duck hunting around here. most are privately held and people throw money at the landowners to hunt then ruin an entire area just to get a few good hunts out of it.
  8. bigpuddin43

    Big Bobcat down!

    I understand its a lot of money but with a cat think about it, it is probably the only one you will ever get mounted spend the money for the best looking mount you can possibly get. I know I would probably only ever mount one so I would want it perfect.
  9. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    Hero shots from this weekend.
  10. bigpuddin43

    Huntin house

    we build ours on a frame with axle so we can move them where we want. we usually have about 1500 in ours but they are insulated and have heaters.
  11. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    everyone I know that have sent them back have had no issues other than it taking a few weeks to get them back. you can also pay a fee and send them in and they will test and fix a certain amount of leaks.
  12. bigpuddin43

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    we had a good final 4 days. totaling 13 birds. I have been thru most brands of waders and would do good to get a year out of them. last winter bought some sitkas and this makes a year and a half with no leaks yet. my brother has had his for 4 years and sprung a leak right at the end of the...
  13. bigpuddin43

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    it wasnt working because they hadnt been trained to do it. thats my point if you wait till the dog is in danger to teach it you waited to long we trained them because of roads but if you wait till they are running across the road its to late.
  14. bigpuddin43

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    have had some great beagles that call and hit the tone on the collar and they would come right back. I promise it can be trained most people dont because they think it will ruin the dog. Or they just dont want to put in the time.
  15. bigpuddin43

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    I find it odd many on this thread that are ready to fight are the same ones yelling SSS when dogs are running loose on there deer lease. cant have it both ways. by no means do I condone the shooting of the dog but hopefully the hunters learned a lesson on teaching their dogs to come when...
  16. bigpuddin43

    Home Made Bacon

    this is how I used to to mine. then the price of pork bellys went thru the roof. when it cost my $60 for a pork belly I quit but had a hog butchered this fall and have belly in the freezer so I need to get them out and do some again.
  17. bigpuddin43

    Does anyone use red dots?

    guess im the odd one on this. have had one on for a few years and took it off. it does help if head alignment isnt perfect but put your cheek down and make a good shot and no need for one. I had one I couldn't shoot because battery died that morning. I am a Keep It Simple kinda guy.
  18. bigpuddin43

    UK basketball

    far from irrelevant he did a much better job getting the ball back out to the shooters when the double team came. after the last game with foul trouble he seamed very hesitant on defense and cost them some points but overall he played very well.
  19. bigpuddin43

    Bartender ....pour another round.

    awesome glad he was able to get out. do you have a plucker or do it by hand? have tried the drill mounted ones but cant find one that does a good job.
  20. bigpuddin43

    Garden 2023

    we will add on a bit this year to add a quarter acre of melons: water, cantaloupe, and honeydew. other than that will keep the rest the same 100-125 tomatoes, 300ish peppers, okra, eggplant, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

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