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    hows the duckin at hickman?

    Its been a fair season for us so far but until new ducks move in. It is not worth the drive right now for sure. I think we have about 147 as of today. Our lease pit is looking better now. The ducks seem to be moving back into the lower bottom and Reelfoot area. We have about 35 acres of...
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    Great Morning for the Kids near Reelfoot

    Well, our season was really pretty good given the poor weather and water conditions, but as expected, the ducks showed up in force on Monday after the big boy season went out. We had a MASS of ducks and snow geese move into our hole by Tuesday. Worked out great for the pit full of kids this...
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    Might Have a New Bird to Hunt Next Year

    Neat birds. Creepy sound when you hear them in the fog. We have had a flock stay in the field west of my house for a while two years in a row. They stay here for about a week and then move on. Might be fun to blast. Sonfishing
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    Season total

    Not quite half as many as last year but still really good considering the crappy low water situation. Exciting prospects for next year. Probably going to add a second floating blind for next year. Good luck and prayers for a safe youth hunt weekend. Sonfishing
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    A question......

    Sorry BM, please no offense! Sonfishing
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    A question......

    Phew, I bet they taste awful from the stink of them! I think that I would rather eat big head carp and coyotes! Sonfishing
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    A question......

    Like I said, take the science arguments with a grain of salt, but that was one of the justifications for the rule change. Sonfishing
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    A question......

    I can't say yea or nay as to the science of the alleged lead poisoning of the eagles. I remember the articles in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream (back when they were actually hunting magazines in the 70's and early 80's) where the biologists claimed that an eagle could die if it ate one...
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    A question......

    It was never about ducks. One word: EAGLES. sonfishing
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    Green River Hunting

    Haven't hunted there in at least 15 years. Used to be fun in woodie season, as long as you had safety glasses and a flak vest. Sonfishing
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    Ceader Creek Producing

    Oh yeah, and also, the forum is great for checking out awesome recipes or cooking tips from BM!!! Sonfishing
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    Ceader Creek Producing

    Greenhead, keep your chin up. Largefrag and MountainWolf (and others) put it well. I hope that you have a good season. Wow, 60 responses to this thread. Most that actually discuss hunting never make it that far, but. . . Sometimes the civility of this site looks a lot more like Topix than a...
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    Pretty Good Morning near Reelfoot

    another pic another pic
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    Pretty Good Morning near Reelfoot

    Should have gotten up and gone with the guys this morning. 10 ducks and one goose at the day lease pit. These guys have had a good week in this area. Another pit crew in this afternoon. If I can sneak out, I might just try to whack a few this afternoon.
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    I don't know where to start

    Pm sent. Good luck!
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    Reelfoot opener

    Congrats on a good hunt. Thats a neat story on the travelling decoy. I had not heard about that. Sonfishing
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    Ducks? WHAT DUCKS?

    21 yesterday and 16 today in our blind. Better than we expected. But then, unless it rains our floating blind will be back in the mud and we will be back in the pit before long! Sonfishing
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    How many pay for huntin spots in Kentucky?

    Btowner, that sounds high for that area, but I guess it depends on the situation. I sent you a pm with info on our cost here in West Ky for leases. Hope that it helps! Sonfishing
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    Hey StriperDoc, when are you coming?

    Hey StriperDoc, how did you do this week? We did better than expected considering the heatwave, drought, dry refuges, and general lack of ducks! We hunted the Midway pit thsi weekend. Its holding about 15 acres of water in standing corn. We put in a new two room, 7 hole pit this year and...
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    Gortex not working.

    Hey 870 I like the surplus used Nazi combat anorak from SPORTSMAN'S guide with two cans of rain dry. U do any good? We are back in business at Midway in our day lease pit. We killed 9. Hopes high for this weekend. Good luck. Sonfishing