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  1. High Rack

    This made my blood boil

    This same thing just happened in Ashland.....It was videoed, guy kept telling the cops he could not breath, same thing as here, they did nothing and he died. I know these guys get played by a bunch claiming a medical issue, but damn, caution would tell you to roll EMT and deal with the fake...
  2. High Rack

    Off the wall question.

    My wife has a few out and the suckers get every bit 14+ tall, dang leave are almost 3 foot long.
  3. High Rack


    I asked my wife for reparation's after noticing hair loss, I have not seen her in 2 days......Winning!
  4. High Rack

    House stuff

    Until the day we see Trials in a Court, all this is still fluff, they all know that these crimes that have been committed have statues of limitations, so unless some liberal balls suddenly appear, then we wait for a vote change across the board in hopes of some justice that never appears.
  5. High Rack

    New gun safe

    Insurance wanted 40 bucks per gun, safe paid for the first year, stuck 2 ammo safes on either side and it fit perfectly, but all the clutter on top is a bonus.
  6. High Rack

    New Trucks - Needle in a haystack

    For two months I have been looking to buy a new truck. Around these parts, getting a 1500 like I want is not going to happen for a while. I can buy 2500's all day long, hell I can't even buy brake pads for the one I got unless it's after market. This is crazy.
  7. High Rack

    The White Stuff

    Did you go outside and do a few lines on the car hood?
  8. High Rack

    Republican Speaker to boot Squad member Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs and remove Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from Intelligence

    Proof is in the pudding, and you can't have any pudding if you don't cheat your meat......When my eyes see it and my ears hear it, until then it's just talk.
  9. High Rack

    Stanford releases guide against ‘harmful language’ — including the word ‘American’

    F--K Stanford and the pukes who go there. Collège, for the most part, has morphed into a higher learning institution for those without a brain.
  10. High Rack

    Weather Coming, Get Your Houses Ready

    Ole Rudy is gonna freeze his nose off.
  11. High Rack


    Well, that went over your head.
  12. High Rack

    Cocaine Bear 2023 movie

    If the bear would have just stuck to weed, he would have been a good, but Noooooo, he had to go full Monty on the Coke with no possible chance of rehab. Stupid Bear.
  13. High Rack

    Another one, RIP Kirstie Alley

    She was a BEA utiful woman, her eyes were like no other.
  14. High Rack

    China and Russia in awe

    Well, it seems we have our own Bagdad Bob.
  15. High Rack

    We was robbed

    This is an 08-09 do over, same thing then as now. When uncle Sucker tells the masses that they are going to release Billions, other counties people listen cuz they know how incompetent our government is when they are throwing that many Dolla's around......Easy Pickens for those willing to risk it.
  16. High Rack

    Kentucky medical marijuana legalization

    Super Troopers is a classic.
  17. High Rack

    I'm Asking Santa...

    Sooooo, I guess you will be on Porn Hub after Christmas showing off your new toy?
  18. High Rack

    gov. cripto currency

    Once people get the real jest of this cryto BS, then they will do something.....If it ever is tried here.
  19. High Rack

    gov. cripto currency

    Americans as a people are slow to react in most situations. Let them start fugging with their moola and you will see them rise.
  20. High Rack

    gov. cripto currency

    The government can only do what we let them do.