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    Grayson County monster

    They claimed in their post that it was a one year jump. But I agree you just don’t see a jump like that very often. Almost like his natural mineral intake and diet improved dramatically, along with the natural genetic potential he had. The latter being extremely rare.
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    Grayson County monster

    Just saw this on a Facebook group so thought I would share. I don’t know the kid or the full story, except for what was shared in the pos
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    Annual Shamanic Baking Soda Rant

    Body - Wash in scent free detergent, or baking soda, or whatever you think works best. Then use scent free deodorant. I like the Arm & Hammer scent free deodorant. Clothes and Gear - I haven't found anything better than the following to remove scent from clothes and gear... Buy a large plastic...
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    New Bow

    I have the V3 31 inch. Thing is on these Mathews bows the cams are very big so even though the riser length is shorter the string angle isn't bad at all. They aren't like a normal 29" bow and they certainly don't shoot like one. They talk about this on the Mathews website. I came from a 34" Hoyt...
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    Fort Knox tracking dog

    Nevermind from what I'm hearing tracking dogs are not allowed at Fort Knox.
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    Fort Knox tracking dog

    Shot a nice buck at Knox on Monday night at last light. Looked for a bit but ran out of time before I had to checkout. Hunt control was closed yesterday, so went back into the area this morning to track him. Found blood for quite a ways (a couple hundred yards)... it's dry blood of course but...
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    A few Fort Knox details needed

    I haven't hunted Fort Knox since I was a teenager with my grandpa and Dad, but I decided to get back out there this year. I have a good place to hunt private land but I really wanted the extra buck tag and I like the challenge. I read over the Knox guidelines several times before coming here...
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    Tree saddle hunting

    I have a Phantom saddle. I live in Louisville over by the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant and hunt mostly in Bullitt County. I would meet and let you try it out, but it looks like you aren't real close to this area.
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    Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro Boots (800g) with Smartwool Mountaineering Socks. The Smartwool socks are $20 a pair but they are so worth it. Socks are just as important as the boots of course.
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    About this buck

    Jim Strader had the guy who found it on his show and posted about it on his Facebook page. All seems legit.
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    E.H.D. Outbreak in Indiana Clark County just across the River from Louisville is getting hit hard. Hard to imagine it will just stay on that side of the river. I haven’t seen any signs in Bullitt County but Floyd’s Fork behind our...
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    Found this today

    Found this walking along a ridge today. Hard to believe the antlers are still in perfect condition and not chewed up. His bones were laying all around and no flesh left. Not sure if he died earlier this season or last. I'd say earlier this year since it is in such good condition. Welp I doubt...
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    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    Our farm is a few miles downstream on Floyds Fork from Broadrun Park where I hear a lot of them live. I have never seen one or caught one on camera. Seems like one would eventually work its way down towards us since there is a lot of good habitat between here and there. Of course they are safe...
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    Actual Nov 6

    I've been out 25 times this year and this morning was the worst of them all. Slowww
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    Ozonics or not to Ozonics

    Ozone machines work to remove scent and there is no debate about that. It is scientifically proven to remove odor / scent. As someone said earlier, Ozone machines have been used for years to remove odors, but mostly from indoor rooms, buildings, etc that are closed off from the outside. How...
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    Northern Bullitt County

    I hunt the back of Zoneton Rd area by Floyds Fork. I passed on a few decent ones so far that I may regret later. There are definitely bachelor groups roaming around in patterns. The 1 - 3 year olds are regularly hitting the soybean field corners / edges anywhere from around 6:30 - dark from what...
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    Big man climbing stands
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    Climbing stands

    I believe the mature bucks eventually learn where the ladder stands are located if they are there a while. That said I have a few ladder stands but almost always hunt with my Summit. During the off season I go out and find straight or fairly straight trees located in many different areas. I will...
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    It takes all the data I normally use such as temperature, barometric pressure, etc and compiles it in an easy to use format. To me it saves time looking and searching through other weather apps to compile the weather data myself and determine best hunting times. Disclaimer: I am single so I hunt...
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    Favorite Hunting Podcasts

    I wonder if Rinella has any plans to make another season of MeatEater? The first 6 seasons were phenomenal. They only show two of them on Netflix at the moment. I'll have to check out the podcasts.

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