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    Fort Knox observation

    A little background… I was stationed at Knox from ‘06-‘09 and hunted whenever work would allow. If I remember correctly they had 3 gun weekends(shotgun or muzzleloader) which I never participated in since I only bow hunted. The quality of bucks that I saw, both alive and taken by other hunters...
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    Spin cast feeder

    Get a Moultrie NXT feeder kit…it has the shocker varmint guard. They may hang around the bottom of it but I have yet to get any pics of them sticking their grubby little paws on the spinner.
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    anyone do any good on Knox this year?

    I hunted Knox in the mid 2000’s. They closed bow season during the gun weekends and I only bow hunted. I should’ve carried a gun but I didn’t want to deal with all the people. I did just fine with the special draw areas though…especially what they called Anderson (the old golf course area) I...
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    Found in Ohio

    Said he scored around 230...
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    Yall may not believe this

    Might as well quit hunting...good luck finding one better than that!
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    Cousin killed a Booner! Updated to include green score

    Hard to tell from the pic but with the body size the deer doesn’t look very old. Could be worn down from the rut though....regardless if he walked by me I would’ve done the same thing!
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    How many would pass on this 8 pt?

    So what did big brother look like?
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    Squirrel damage?

    That’s exactly what it is. I’ve had them chew on metal lawn chairs and even the knobs and wheels off the bbq grill...
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    Best Cellular Trail Camera

    Ditto on the Tactacam Reveal. I have 2...and the best part is it doesn’t matter what phone service you use. The plan is through the camera and not the phone company. My brother-in-law has Cspire but runs the AT&T Reveal because that’s what has the best signal where we are. If you want a camera...
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    Deer Hunting Pet Peeve’s

    When someone talks about the deer hunt from “last night” or “tonight”. Unless you’re coon hunting it’s still daylight there guy...
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    20 gauge for turkeys

    You can do that with a 3” and TSS need for 3.5
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    Moment of weakness.

    I won’t shoot does that I know have fawns. I eat what I shoot but I don’t hunt because I need the meat. I can be picky because my dad shoots his limit every year and that’s enough to last us until the next season. Plus I’ve shot does only to have their fawns pop out of the woods shortly after...
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    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    I know of an 8 point with a 19 3/4" spread killed out of area 14 on Saturday I believe.
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    Thermacell yay or nay?

    If you don't take it you WILL be miserable!
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    Question about trespassing

    Did that exact thing a few years ago on our property back home. Found a climber so I wrote a note with my phone number saying if he wanted it back to call me. Funny thing is I never heard from
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    Fort Knox question and answer thread

    It seems as though a lot of things have changed since I was there, and it's not for the better. I'm sure Hunt Control is getting force fed a bunch of things they are not happy with. I do remember when I was there I drew a buck tag for what I recall was Anderson bow area(by the old golf course)...
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    Changes at Fort Knox

    I wondering if that reason will push guys to be less inclined to tag their deer
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    End of Knox era for this hunter.

    They do accomodate hunters. I used to be a Drill Sergeant there and our training exercise on our final FTX was cut short because of the gun opener. There were plenty of times where our training was either cancelled or moved because of it.
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    ft. knox stinks

    Ya'll can complain if you want. I've hunted MS, AL, GA, WA and am currently in LA. I just left Knox this past summer after being there for 3 years. It is by far the BEST hunting I've ever seen. I never participated in the gun hunt because I am mainly a bow hunter and I like the solitude. Other...