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  1. Col. Angus

    Kentucky Football is BAAACK!!! Sadly enough...

    For what it is worth, I’m hearing definitively that Liam Coen will be announced OC in the coming weeks. NFL schedule makes it challenging but the deal is all but done. Also hearing a couple QBs he may bring with him but don’t want to mention names until I can confirm. Good news for the cats!
  2. Col. Angus


    Trump backed won red states and lost purple states. This isn’t a tough argument. Trump candidates typically get a bump in primaries and take a hit in generals.
  3. Col. Angus


    See my second point, which explains this too
  4. Col. Angus


    Jabbed likely far outnumber the unjabbed but more importantly the folks jabbed are typically the sickest among us. Meaning they are far more likely to die of anything. I’ve never been vaccinated or boostered but there isn’t much to this stat. Nothing burger. GG vaxxing a 6 year old is...
  5. Col. Angus

    Kentucky medical marijuana legalization

    Spoken like a former junky.
  6. Col. Angus


    Hey Grouse - first time long time. I consider myself fairly down the middle. One comment you made about Trump being “the worst president of all time”. It is obviously subjective and it has me curious. Any specific policy the Trump administration put in place to warrant a bottom 5 rating? I get...
  7. Col. Angus


    I don’t see the big deal
  8. Col. Angus

    Trump is done.

    it certainly didn’t help. Trump could lose in 2024. Desantis can’t lose. Everyone needs to realize this
  9. Col. Angus

    You crypto guys sweating yet?

    I really wish I had bought more years ago.
  10. Col. Angus

    UK vs LSU thread

    UK just dominated LSU. Granted it was at home and LSU is down this year, but can you argue Stoops hasn’t elevated this program? Only way you can call this mediocrity is if you are a Bama/Clemson/tOSU fan. Denying the job Stoops has done is otherwise a silly proposition.
  11. Col. Angus

    UK vs LSU thread

    The Josh Allen team may like a word. But this team is soooo deep. They have legit guys throughout the two deep. I agree, give me this team.
  12. Col. Angus

    UK vs LSU thread

    Haven’t read this whole thread but a couple guesses: 1: Ed says LSU is being homered. 2: Ed says LSU is hurt 3: Ed says Next week when UK loses to the best UGA team in 40 years, Stoops sucks. Am I rite?
  13. Col. Angus

    Video of 162” Velvet Buck Hunt

    What. A. Deer.
  14. Col. Angus

    Well Trained Pit Bulls....

    This is what I came to post. My only objection would be that I think most people are too soft to own dogs…but definitely pit bulls
  15. Col. Angus

    Got my attention

    I’m don’t mind snakes but I’m always taken back by them when I come across them. That would have my attention too.
  16. Col. Angus


    They don’t have the dudes at corner to run man. That linebacking crew is as good as any in the SEC not named Bama/UGA.
  17. Col. Angus


    exactly one of those schools pay their coaches more than stoops
  18. Col. Angus


    He is a top 15 paid coach. Again, not many other schools would make him that.
  19. Col. Angus


    there aren’t many jobs that pay more than he’s making.
  20. Col. Angus


    define significantly better?